VoIP Market To See 100% Growth in 2005

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VoIP Market To See 100% Growth in 2005

It is now official... We are now 100% higher in pre-registered attendance for Internet Telephony Conference & Expo on a year-over-year basis, the same number of days out. To put that in perspective, this is what was said in the VoIP Industry about our Miami show last year (February 2004):

"This place is a mad house"
- Debora Glennon, Nortel Networks

"I Haven't seen a show this busy in three years"
- Mark Straton, Senior VP, Siemens

"...it was the most active conference that I have been at in nearly three years"
- Howard Kendall, Intertex

The total attendance at last year's event was 3,629 btw. If this trend continues we will have over 7,000 attendees. No VoIP show comes anywhere near us in terms of attendance. In the TMC tradition of under-promising and over-delivering we would rather be conservative and predict we will have 4,500 attendees at this show.

Here are more testimonials http://www.tmcnet.com/itexpo/m05/testimonials-m04.aspx.

Many people ask me how the VoIP market will progress in 2005 compared to 2004. If our pre-registration numbers are any indication and the trend of hyper-growth continues, the industry could be up 100% year-over-year! The best part of all of this is we are seeing a surge in service provider attendance and thousands of enterprise and government attendees as well. There is also a dramatic uptick in the reseller attendees and our conference track for resellers may be be maxed out with conferees in the next week!

ITEXPO is still the only VoIP industry marketplace, where buyers and sellers come together. We are 100% dedicated to generating buyers. We are not an industry insider/regulatory event by nature... People come to this show because this is where the sellers are and many of our exhibitors will not be found at any other event. You will kick yourself if you aren't there to witness this for yourself!

Hope to see you Feb 22-25, 2005 in Miami.

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