VoIP Peering Announcements

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VoIP Peering Announcements

VoIP peering will be much bigger than I thought. There are some very big announcements brewing in this space… One will happen probably tomorrow and the other in the next week or so. I am sworn to secrecy so I will have to keep the details in confidence.

Simply stated, service providers are beginning to take notice of his market and are starting to consider interconnecting with companies that run VoIP peering networks. Service providers (read: large CLECS) are also looking at connecting to centralized ENUM repositories so they can transmit calls at no cost between members.

I can’t tell you who is making the announcement but I can tell you that I am hearing about more and more companies looking at VoIP peering as a way to take their phone costs and slash them so low they become inconsequential.

One of the comments at a dinner I was at tonight was that if Verizon can wait another few months to make its bid, MCI will be worth a few billion less! All due to peering!

While I think the above statement is aggressive, the reality is that companies can connect to peering networks with simple devices that cost around $60 per user. They don’t have to change any equipment in the office. No new PBX. This simple gateway device is ENUM and SIP enabled meaning calls will be checked against a central ENUM database when they are made and can go over the network at no (or little cost). Even if the number isn’t in the ENUM database it will be cheap as it becomes a VoIP call.

I can’t wait to hear about all of this at the VoIP Peering Summit today (Tuesday 2/22/05) at noon!

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