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VoIP Peering

Please check my blog often this week as I will detail the "Can't Miss" sessions from the show. In addition I will be detailing what you need to know at the show and how to best benefit from the intense and in-depth educational experience. What amazes me about Internet Telephony Conference & Expo is how the conference and general sessions at this event truly capture the essence of what is important in our industry. We really haven't missed any important trend. I think we really pegged the future of this industry with this event.

For example, the VoIP Peering Summit gives service providers and enterprises a unique perspective on how peering voice over IP calls will help us establish tomorrow's "Voice Internet." We have as much in-depth and focused content on peering as you will find anywhere and in my opinion our presenters are second to none... Two of the world's top VoIP peering evangelists, Hunter Newby from Telx and Shrihari Pandit of Stealth Communications.

A look at the list of speakers in fact shows we have every other VoIP peering visionary presenting at this event as well while other crucial players will be in attendance according to a scan of the registration database.

One other presenter worth mentioning is Mark Spencer of Digium/Asterisk/Dundi fame who will be discussing enterprise peering. This is in addition to our open source telephony debate which should be great fun. I just hope I don't get beat up too badly. Mark has been on numerous panels at TMC events and has proven himself to be a great presenter/debater.

You must be a paid conferee to participate in this summit.

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