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VoIP Quality Webinar

Here is the webinar on VoIP quality I have discussed recently in our communications and technology podcast:

Are you ready to capitalize on the growing residential adoption of VoIP? As you roll-out VoIP within your organization, are you confident that you can provide employees and customers crystal-clear communication and dial-tone reliability that they have come to expect from traditional telephone service?

Join us for this complementary webinar by Keynote Systems, to understand service quality pitfalls you should address when rolling out VoIP to your residential customers or within the enterprise. This first-of-its-kind study captures critical performance factors that affect the end-user experience while placing coast-to-coast calls using leading VoIP providers on various underlying T1 carriers, residential DSL and cable.

VoIP providers and network carriers can gain insight into how end-users perceive their service relative to other competitors and traditional telephone service. Furthermore, providers and enterprises can implement industry-wide best practices and build a VoIP monitoring solution to:

  • Detect call quality degradation in real-time and from the end-user perspective
  • Diagnose VoIP equipment and network issues affecting the end-user experience
  • Enhance service availability, listening quality and audio delay amongst other factors leading to consistent, high-fidelity communication

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