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VoIP Service Out

Yesterday my CallVantage service died. I know this because I called my house from work and every time I tried, I went into voicemail. I spoke with my wife later and she told me the Internet wasn’t working fo some reason. I started to get mentally ready for calling Cablevision that night and waiting on hold for hours as they diagnose and (hopefully) fix the problem.

When I got home I noticed the pause light on the cable modem – I think it was called pause, was on. None of the other lights were on.

I learned a while back that if you press the button on top of the cable modem, you pause it and cannot get any Internet access until you press it again.

You see in my infinite wisdom, I pressed this button a year ago and waited for the device to reset. After all, I thought what other function would an unlabeled button on a cable modem have?

When I called Cablevision 12 months ago to ask what was happening, they informed me of my mistake and confirmed for me once and for all that reading the manual can indeed be useful.

Getting back to the problem at hand; I hit the button on top of the cable modem and everything was fine.

I wondered how anyone could press the button behind the TV and more importantly, why. It was at this point that I realized my Daughter Priscilla at 17 months had a look of mischief on her face. This is nothing new mind you but it was extra mischievous yesterday. Well I guess I figured that one out.

Priscilla Tehrani

My daughter is fascinated by all things electronic. She loves to press every button on every device and is especially fascinated by phones and headsets. She also loves to flip through magazines and has been doing so for many months. Must be in the genes.

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