Volo Chases Level 3

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Volo Chases Level 3

Volo Communications has been making quite a splash lately. Most recently they announced they are going after Level 3 customers. Volo is a lot smaller than Level 3. They can't afford to advertise on TV like Level 3 can. They can't afford to pay past James Bond characters to be their spokesperson. Still Volo is aggresively pursuing Level 3 on all fronts.

Level 3 is closing their wholesale hosted PBX service (3)Tone Business and Volo is offering to pick up the customers being dropped by Level3 with the same terms and one month of free service. Here is Greg's Level 3, Volo entry.

Volo is also playing a big part in the UNE-P to VoIP Summit at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo next month in Miami. I am looking forward to seeing their presentation at the show. Many service providers are looking to VoIP to save them from the failing UNE-P business model. We have record attendance already for the show and I anticipate a tremendous event and an incredible year for VoIP.

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