Vonage Funding

This company is on a worldwide tear and I remain impressed at how fast Vonage is growing, receiving funding and just basically dominating headlines everywhere. Sure I warned the industry months ago that is we don’t get our act together on 911 soon the mainstream media would circle VoIP like hungry sharks. Ands sure Vonage is now being circled by every newspaper and attorney general in the nation. But still, they are doing an amazing job growing the industry, and growing their company. Hats off to Citron and the management team over in New Jersey.

I feel like we are witnessing the torch being passed from AT&T who first gave us telephony to Vonage who now provides us with IP telephony. While the former is being snapped up by SBC, the latter is expanding faster than Amazon.com in 1999.

Vonage is a bellwether in VoIP and if they do poorly at any point the whole IP telephony market suffers. So far, so good — let’s just hope the company can replicate its success internationally.

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