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Vonage In A Box

Everyone it seems wants to be Vonage. The company has attracted almost as many competitors as it has customers. The market for Vonage-In-A-Box products is booming. There are many companies that will help provide you with everything you need. On the other hand some service providers are building it all themselves as they want to stay in total control

The US cannot obviously sustain the quantity of new service providers coming to the market but what can happen is that they find ways to differentiate themselves and also decide to focus on business outside the US.

One thing is for sure... Technology is always great but in reality customers don't care about it. They don't care if your network is better. They care only if you market to them effectively.

Generally speaking the best marketing wins the corporate wars... Never the best product. When you go to market with your service... Focus on branding and imaging first and technology second.

Is there an exception? Yes... When you offer stereo or surround-sound or DVD quality VoIP then technology and marketing become intertwined. Sprint had a famous pin drop ad campaign based on this concept. People still remember the campaigns and the ads haven't run (or at least I haven't seen them) for many years.

Good luck starting your new service provider business. Please make sure you know where to spend before you make a move.

I am looking forward to the second annual
VoIP Service Provider Awards Dinner at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in 2 weeks where I will get to shake hands and meet with the world's top VoIP providers. Hopefully they will offer some insight on the state of competition in the VoIP market.

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