Vonage Passes 400,000 VoIP User Mark

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Vonage Passes 400,000 VoIP User Mark

The biggest VoIP news at CES and perhaps the biggest news in general is Vonage passing the 400,000 subscriber mark. this is extremely impressive and goes to show you how well VoIP is doing and how consumers are adopting this technology in droves. This is quite an accomplishment and Vonage should be commended for pioneering VoIP service to the consumer in the way they have.Here is the release:Biggest Broadband Telephony Provider Netted More than 300,000 Lines in 2004

    EDISON, N.J., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Vonage, the leading broadband
telephony provider, today announced it has exceeded 400,000 total lines on its
network, doubling its subscriber base in less than six months since reaching
the 200,000 line mark.  The company ended 2004 with more than 390,000 lines in
service having added 115,000 lines in Q4 2004 alone.
    "Again, Vonage has set the benchmark, proving its value proposition to a
marketplace starved for full-featured, cost-effective alternatives to the
incumbent local exchange carriers," said Jeffrey A. Citron, chairman and CEO
of Vonage Holdings Corporation.  "Having added more than 300,000 lines in
2004, Vonage has once again illustrated its prowess in leading the
transformation of the telecommunications industry."
     Using the latest technology, Vonage sets the standard for the new
generation of phone service with residential and business calling plans:

     * $14.99/month -- Residential Basic Plan - 500 minutes of local, toll and
        long distance calling throughout the United States and Canada.
     * $24.99/month -- Residential Premium Unlimited Plan - unlimited calling
        throughout the 50 United States and Canada anytime, anywhere.
     * $39.99/month -- Small Business Basic Plan - 1500 minutes of calling
        throughout the United States and Canada, including a free dedicated
        fax line.
     * $49.99/month -- Small Business Unlimited Plan - unlimited calling
        throughout the United States and Canada, including a free dedicated
        fax line.

     * Services and hardware included for free on any of the above plans:

-- Voicemail
-- Call hunt
-- Caller ID
-- Call transfer
-- Call waiting
-- Repeat dialing
-- Call forwarding
-- Bandwidth saver
-- Call return (*69)
-- Area code selection
-- Caller ID block (*67)
-- International call block
-- Web-based account management
-- Linksys RT31P2 router with MTA
* Real-time billing activity
* Great international calling rates
* Online voicemail retrieval
* Real-time inbound/outbound
* Tel Aviv 4 cents per minute
call record details
* London 3 cents per minute
*Sydney 4 cents per minute

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