Vonage WiFi Telephony News From CES

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Vonage WiFi Telephony News From CES

Recently engadget reported that Vonage has a WiFi phone, the F-1000. I expect a number of WiFi telephony announcements to come from CES. I recently blogged about new WiFi telephony chips which will make designing WiFi telephony devices as easy as ever. WiFi telephony will really become a hit when every cell phone can jump on a WiFi network. The question remains, what will the traditional wireless carriers do about WiFi telephony. Companies like Verizon Wireless have already shown that thy will disable phones such as the Motorola V710 that run on their network so they can sell more minutes. So will Verizon ever let a WiFi enabled phone on their network. the answer is if they can somehow charge for it.GSM is another story as SIM cards allow you get on a GSM network easily and you can purchase the device yourself. Still, the threat of further industry consolidation makes me nervous about how open these wireless networks will be in the future.

More Vonage news. As I was blogging this, I received a TMC RSS Alert on Vonage and TI working more closely together on product development.

Here is another story on Vonage and UTStarcom working together to deliver portable WiFi handset. This story mentions the F-1000. It will work on 802.11b networks and be available nationwide in the spring/summer of 2005.

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