Vonexus Connection Wrap Up

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Vonexus Connection Wrap Up

I am finished up with my speech at Vonexus Connection and am ready to head to the airport soon. The venue for this event could not have been more perfect as it is in Las Vegas (actually nearby Summerlin) but at least 30 minutes from the strip. The exact location is a the JW Marriot. I am pretty impressed with the hotel... It's nice but not too nice and close enough but not too close to the strip so the temptation to go and play at night was minimized.

The resellers were very motivated today and I had some great conversations with them. There seems to be a good deal of profit being made by many of these VARs and Interactive Intelligence the parent company of Vonexus just closed out four consecutive quarters of profitability.

What separates the Vonexus solutions from the other players is the tight integration with Microsoft and the giant of Redmond sent Bala Kasiviswanathan the Senior Product Manager of Windows Server & Market Development to talk about how big an opportunity there is for resellers and how partnering with Microsoft is a great thing to do. He was very gracious, took a few jabs at Linux and the crowd seemed happy with his talk.

Harry Brelsford, Consultant and Author, “Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices” gave a very good talk about the different Microsoft offerings for customers and although he was technical, he was very interesting. My gauge for interesting speakers is how many times I check the Blackberry while they talk. Harry was good. One of the things he discussed was outlook Mobile Access and he showed the integration of Outlook with Microsoft Mobile PC as well as Pocket PC. The interesting integration that I didn't get to see is when you connect the power of Vonexus and IP telephony with SIP and mobile clients. There is almost nothing you can't do with communications because of the tight integration of these services and products.

There was also talk of customizing the management console that remote workers use to get access to their office work while on the road. By customizing the console you are ale to integrate any application within your personalized corporate portal and Vonexus integration would afford your workers the ability to truly be seamlessly connected to the office.

Pretty interesting stuff and I am sorry I had to leave but there is so much to do in the office. We just sold out the show hotel for Internet Telephony Conference & Expo and the exhibit hall is about to sell out. We are seeing such growth in our show. It was unfathomable just a few years back that the interest in VoIP would be so hot. I am looking forward to personally hosting you at the show in a few weeks! See you there!


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