WSJ Poll: Powell a Failure

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WSJ Poll: Powell a Failure

I think this is the harshest press Michael Powell has received and it comes via a Wall Street Journal poll that as of January 23, 2005 at 11:00 PM EST shows most people who took the poll gave him an F on an A-F scale. The grades are as follows:

A    18%

B    14%

C    11%

D    18%

F    39%

Interestingly I have been interviewed numerous times about Mr. Powell and reporters seem to already have a positive Powell spin on their story before we speak. While Powell has done some good things such as helping to publicize VoIP and ruling in favor of Vonage as a data service, there are obviously people who are unhappy with what he did while chairing the FCC. When you realize the scope of the job he had from Jacksongate to broadband over power lines, one wonders if this is just too many subject matters for a single person to focus on and focus on well. After all, why would the person who decides on what is decent and indecent also be charged with defining VoIP, dealing with the USF, UNE-P, telecom competition, etc. I wish whoever has this job next plenty of luck. This is an amazingly difficult job and quite thankless.

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