Zennstrom Repeats Groundbreaking Keynote at ITEXPO

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Zennstrom Repeats Groundbreaking Keynote at ITEXPO

Last fall, Niklas Zennstrom honored TMC by choosing our show, Internet Telephony Conference & Expo to speak at via videoconference. This was his first-ever keynote in the US. His talk was very insightful and part of the buzz in the room when he was done was the SIP standard and how Skype doesn’t support it. There was also amazement as how many subscribers were on the network.

Here is Tom Keating’s take on the
Skype - Zennstrom keynote.

We are very excited to be announcing that Niklas Zennstrom will once again be keynoting at
Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in LA via videoconference. So much has happened in the past year and Skype has had over 123 million downloads as I sit to write this blog entry.

Skype still doesn’t support SIP and the industry buzz is that Skype will eventually license their protocol to cell phone makers and get a dollar for every cell phone sold. Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess but it makes for some interesting food for thought and I am excited to get Zennstrom’s viewpoints on where his incredible success in VoIP software will take him  next.

He made some
big announcements at our show last year and I expect he will make even bigger ones this year.

As a side note, it is refreshing to see that when we decided to choose the name Internet Telephony for a magazine and conference name back in 1996 that now almost ten years later, the concept is alive and well and the
term is being embraced by true industry pioneers like Zennstrom.

Registration is open for
ITEXPO and we will have the best conference program of any communications event in my opinion. Believe me, there has never been so much effort put into a conference program at TMC and we have been putting on VoIP conferences since 1986!

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