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There was an article in the USA Today about Zillow, a site that has millions of homes listed with their appraisals and full home details. According to the article the site ranges from inaccurate to near perfect depending on location. I tried a few houses in Connecticut and in both cases the site was off. In one case it was within 10% and the other case by at least 50%. Also the number of bedrooms was off for one of the houses I checked. This was mentioned as a problem in the article as well.

In addition to a detailed database you can see the listings from a satellite making this service really interesting. I can already see a cool VoIP tie-in as you could see the satellite image of the person that is calling you. Imagine satellite photo Caller-ID.

The site is in the test stage according to the USA Today.

I have to give the site lots of credit for undertaking such a massive endeavor. Although Zillow is not perfect it can perhaps over time save people trips to city hall which in my experience is worth a huge sum.

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