Wahoo Fitness Adds Motion Tracking to TICKR Heart Monitors

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Wahoo Fitness Adds Motion Tracking to TICKR Heart Monitors

One of the big trends at CES 2014 is wearable technology and another is fitness. Put them together and you get the Wahoo Fitness booth. I spoke with Mike Staska VP Sales & Marketing at the company and he told me about the company's TICKR heart strap which now has motion technology built in. It can tell you calories burned, speed and distance as well and can help you determine how to run more smoothly to avoid injury.

Also, their KICKR PowerTrainer connects to a bicycle and provides resistance through your iPhone allowing you to ride indoors on a virtual outdoor course like the Tour de France. At $1,100, it's the world most expensive connected iPhone accessory. It also connects to an iPad as a display and can use Airplay to beam the sound to the speakers in your house.

The RFLKT product line is a smart bike computer - it is small and fits on you handlebars. Since it connects and uses the features of your iPhone, it allows you to buy a $100 device instead of a $400 GPS bike computer. It controls music, displays your data, elevation and more.

Technology has made businesses more efficient and allowed us to take our music library with us on the go. It seems we are at a point where it can help us monitor most every important aspect of our fitness lives as well.


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