Why Carriers and Microsoft Need Each Other

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Why Carriers and Microsoft Need Each Other

It is evident that society has a different relationship with technology today than ever before. Jon Arnold, one of the most well-respected analysts I know has delved deep into Microsoft's relationship with telcos. He has really thought through the company's  Telco 2.0 offerings.

Arnold makes the point that service providers are likely already Microsoft customers so the software giant is positioned well to have Telco 2.0 permeate carrier networks. He further points out that Microsoft needs carriers in a world where things are changing rapidly, Google is growing and the relationship with the customer has become more important than ever.

Here is an excerpt from his well-written article:
So, what makes Microsoft compelling as a platform play? They would say it's their ability to
address what they call the Connected Lifestyle. Microsoft has platforms for all three screens-Windows Mobile for mobile devices, Windows/Vista for PCs, and Mediaroom for
TVs. Not only can they deliver services across and among all three screen environments, but they have solid offerings for both home and business use.

Diversity is a good thing, and gives telcos many options for partnering with Microsoft. Let's
look first at the consumer space, where Microsoft can most effectively leverage the three screen market opportunity. For the mass market, they enable service providers to offer a
bundle of broadband along with hosted email and IM via Windows Live -- for both PCs and mobile devices. The operator gains or retains the broadband subscription revenue along with new revenues from these core applications offered on a hosted basis. An easy way to upgrade
this bundle would be to add security and backup features in the form of OneCare.

You really need to read this article if you are a carrier (or Microsoft for that matter). It really sums up the need for cooperation and new partnerships in the Telco 2.0 world. I have to say that the concept of widgets, mash-ups and social media have changed the game in telecom as well as many other markets. If you thought the Internet was already disruptive, just wait a few years.

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