WiMAX Growth

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WiMAX Growth

Motorola has placed India amongst the four ‘top target markets’ along with the United States, China and Western Europe for setting up wireless broadband infrastructure for telecom operators according to the Indian web site Business Standard.

According to the article:

Motorola’s system can perform in high and low-density environments in the presence of external interference. Also, the sixty degree antennae beam delivers up to six plus Mbps of effective throughput with connectivity to a maximum of 200 subscribers per access point (AP), and it enables the delivery of broadband access to multiple locations from a single AP, Stipati said, adding that return of investment was possible in six to twelve months.

The company was offering the infrastructure to Indian operators at $8,000 per base tower and $250 per subscriber module, said Avinash Bector, regional channel manager, Asia Pacific Region, Motorola - canopy.

WiMAX growth seems better outside of the US. I worry about its future within this country. In order for the technology to take off the FCC will have to help make it feasible and inexpensive to provide service. Frequencies need allocatingand the regulatory environment needs to favor broadband competition. Right now the FCC has not fostered the competitive broadband environment we need in the DSL market but they have made it possible to provide broadband over power lines. Hopefully they will see WiMAX as an essential technology for the US to lead in and champion it like it has VoIP in the past. Om Malik just blogged a negative WiMAX piece as I wrote this andi thought it worth sharing.

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