Airvana Femtocell Win

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Airvana Femtocell Win

In the battle to determine what sorts of fixed-mobile convergence solutions will win out -- WiFi, femtocell, etc. -- it seems femtocells have scored the latest victory as Airvana just signed an OEM agreement with Motorola to provide CDMA femtocells to the wireless equipment company.
This news is huge for Airvana and one assumes that Motorola will leverage its myriad relationships with wireless carriers to get these devices installed as widely as possible.

It will be very interesting to see how this market evolves and what sort of consumer and in-building calling plans these devices allow carriers to come up with.

To me, the femtocell market is bustling with excitement because it is relatively new and allows cellular coverage to be improved at the last mile without the need for new base stations, etc.

In a sense, femtocells are the disruptive equivalent of RAID hard drives as they are low cost and when aggregated give carriers tremendous connectivity potential.

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