Alcatel-Lucent 9900 Wireless Network Guardian

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Alcatel-Lucent 9900 Wireless Network Guardian

Thanks to Bell Labs, the people behind the transistor, there is now a thriving a tech industry. Moreover, many innovations in telecom are due to the team at this world famous labs team. Having said that, Bell labs hasn't been in the news much lately.

Rest assured however that the good people at Bell labs are toiling away working for Alcatel-Lucent and they have just developed a product called the 9900 Wireless Network Guardian or WNG for short.

This new product allows wireless providers to track IP addresses across their wireless networks in a manner which allows these operators to more accurately track how much data such IP sessions use. We all know that voice places a predictable load on a wireless network but data is something entirely different.

As 3G networks evolve to 4G, data usage will only increase. As this transformation continues, service providers can now rely on Alcatel-Lucent to help them monitor and manage their networks more effectively in order to ensure all users have adequate bandwidth for their particular applications.

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