Bump Goes Mobile on Valentine’s Day

Update – the blog entry below is in error as the application company which makes the popular Bump product which allows information to be shared by phones which are in close proximity to one another is located at www.bu.mp.com and is called Bump Technologies. The company mentioned in this entry is located at www.bump.com. Sorry about the confusion to both companies and my readers.

girl-driving-car.jpgI’ve always been a fan of technology which makes the world more productive and typically such innovations are targeted at businesses. Sure there are online dating sites which make it easier to meet others but now, technology takes this concept to the road.

Bump.com, the mobile app used to share contact and other information like applications is expanding into the realm of allowing allows people to connect with others based on their license plate.

Say you see someone go by on the road and you are interested in getting to know them. You call (858)551-BUMP or go to Bump.com’s mobile site and specify the state and license plate number and then leave a message. Each license late is granted its own web page so you can register yours now and keep tabs on your potential not so secret new admirers.

The company says it is offering a 24-hour sneak-peak of this technology on Valentine’s Day – meaning lonely souls have a new way to look for love.

Here is a video showing you how it could work in real-life:

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