Early Thoughts from Sprint Palm Pre Launch

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Early Thoughts from Sprint Palm Pre Launch



In one of the more memorable product launches of recent times Sprint CEO Dan Hesse took the stage to speak to a packed room about the launch of the new Palm Pre and how he expects it to help Sprint grow its sales. Hesse appeared after a brief introduction from Paget Alves President Business Markets Group and once onstage he proceeded to tell the audience he has used the Pre for six weeks after using Blackberrys and Windows Mobile devices in the past. He said it is a far superior device and is great with music, multitasking, has a great touch screen and an innovate way to charge without requiring a cord called Touchstone.

It was apparent there were many comparisons being made the iPhone which wasn't specifically mentioned as some of the benefits Hesse touted of the Pre are missing only from that smartphone.  

Hesse talked about the strength of Sprint in the business space and spent a great deal of time discussing how the company's 4G network and hotspot enabling devices are extremely useful and the company's 4G network ensures you won't need a second connection like WiFi.

Hesse spent some time discussing how his company is a major player in unified communications and further pledged to have ten 4G markets up by year-end before circling back to refocus on the Palm Pre benefits while emphasizing the savings of $1,200 a year in network costs when compared to AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless.

This event didn't have the flashiness of some of the other media/customer events I have attended but this didn't lessen the quality of information shared  or the take away from what seemed to be an upbeat and positive mood in the room. Later today I expect to spend some time using the Pre and will give you my feedback.

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