Google Android vs. Apple iPhone

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Google Android vs. Apple iPhone

Trying to find a reason to purchase an Android-based phone instead of an iPhone? If so, check out this article which describes the state of Android, the future and finally some applications you just can't get on an Apple-powered phone. At least not today.

If by the way, Android phones from HTC are not your cup of tea, rest assured Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and maybe others will be coming out with their own Android devices as well. Oh, and don't forget the ZZZphone.

To me, the plethora of Android devices may be confusing for customers and for application developers. I am unsure how applications for example will look on various screen sizes and form factors. I also wonder if not having tight control over the hardware will be a drawback for Android.

Remember that Apple has always controlled its hardware which means higher prices due to lack of competition but the flipside has always been a more than seamless operating experience.

So if you are leaning towards a Google Phone, the question you may want to ask next is when will Wal-Mart start carrying it? After all, word is out that the world's superstore will be getting the iPhone to sell this very weekend. Hey, I am no genius, but wouldn't this have been a better idea to do before Christmas?

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