Heading Back from CTIA San Diego

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Heading Back from CTIA San Diego

As I sit here on the runway at the San Diego airport I contemplate the journey home. I have become spoiled with Internet access on all long trips as I switched all possible flights from American Airlines to Virgin America where every flight has Internet and power. But from San Diego to JFK, I would have had to connect through LA to get a flight on Virgin. So instead I crossed my fingers and hoped this American Airlines plane has internet. Sadly, it doesn't but at least my seat has power.

As I glance ahead at the seat ahead of me, the ripped (destroyed is more appropriate - only pity keeps me from documenting it with a photo) seatback pocket seat makes me wonder about the maintenance of the entire plane and the overall American Airlines fleet.

Of course being in the airline business is tough - it seems to be very virtually impossible to make money. Amazingly it can cost more to part at the airport than it does to buy tickets these days.

If there is a bright side to flying American Airlines it is the celebrity watching. I hear Warren Beatty is on our flight and Gloria Estefan was on my flight out of Miami last week. The celebs it seems don't need access to internet in flight - I guess they just want to get away from it all in the air. Speaking of which, I will get some much needed analysis and writing done when we take off... Maybe it isn't so bad to not have Internet on every flight.

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