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Hungry for Better WiFi



Broadband connectivity - it has become like air to me. I suffocate when I don't have it and the faster the broadband access I have, the better I feel. So when I enter a restaurant and the WiFi is on but locked I just go crazy. I have become so accustomed to having fast broadband access everywhere, I just can't understand when a restaurant doesn't provide it. Worse yet is having a WiFi signal with an SSID with the name of a restaurant and a locked signal.

Restaurant owners are better off leaving the ID as Linksys or Netgear or just making something up like "Have a nice day."

Recently my travel department was instructed by me that my flights must all have WiFi on them. That means I cancelled flights I would have taken on American Airlines and JetBlue in favor of Virgin America because with this carrier, WiFi is guaranteed. Of course this applies to domestic flights for now.

Yes, WiFi is now more important to me than frequent flyer miles. Who would have thought? Wow!

I see this trend eventually hitting restaurants. Already, TMC group lunches where work needs to be done typically take place where WiFi is available.

Do you want WiFi where you eat and fly? What do you think?

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