Is Wow Mobile Doomed Already?

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Is Wow Mobile Doomed Already?


Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO thinks Wow Mobile is doomed. To be fair, Peter is cynical but then again, he is right most of the time. In this case he thinks a MLM, get-rich scheme which sells mobile service has no chance -- especially when you consider the history of MVNO failure in the US. He has some great points... What do you think?

Here is a site which delves into the business plan and some excerpts:

Introducing the GREATEST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in the mobile industry UNLIMITED calls, text, pictures, email and INTERNET!!!  Start your own online store today!  Offer your CUSTOMERS surfing and calling on cutting-edge smart phones!  There are absolutely NO huge deposits, NO long-term contracts, NO credit checks and oh YES NO cancellation fees! WOW Mobile makes it easy for you to provide your customers with mobile service. Go ahead!  Feel great offering customers UNLIMITED service for over 53% less per month than other mobile companies!   It's that simple. It's powerful. It's wireless!

Low Monthly Rates

Offer UNLIMITED domestic/international calls, text, pictures, e-mail, instant messages & Internet (24/7)!

Unlimited Internet

WOW Mobile phones are instant "wi-fi hot spots" connecting and one or more friends/family!

The Market Place
Everyone can be more productive! Have more fun! Mobile applications and games are easily installed to WOW Mobile phones from the Google Andoid Market Place.

Most mobile software is FREE and others inexpensive! There are many categories for you to choose from!

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