Jabra BT 4010

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Jabra BT 4010

Let's face it… Morse Code was great when there was no telephones around but why would anyone use this century-old communications mechanism today? The simple answer is that anyone with a bluetooth headset today generally has to interpret flashing lights which resemble Morse Code.

How much battery do you have? Let's see… I have two red lights, a green and lavender… Is that 50% or 15%?

I must admit that I have never learned how to read the battery level on my various bluetooth headsets and I welcome the change that the Jabra 4010 brings to the table.

You see, for the first time I can look at my bluetooth headset and see the battery and signal strength and call status by looking at an LCD screen located in the center of the headset.

The headset comes with a mini USB connector for charging and if I had to give room for improvement it would be that I would like the headset to vibrate when a call comes in and display the phone number as well.

If these features are added, one wonders if anyone would even need to take their cell phones out of their pockets anymore.

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