Loving Boingo

I am sitting here in LaGuardia Airport in New York, waiting for my flight to Miami for ITEXPO and loving Boingo. I thought it would be a hassle to download and use it but it was the easiest thing I could have ever done. I downloaded the app on my laptop first and started uploading photos – boy is it fast. Then the iPhone – there is an app for many mobile devices – I decided not to put it on the XV6800 for now.

The reason I need it on the iPhone as well is that certain applications such as Bloomberg news will only download articles for offline reading if you are using WiFi. I am not sure if the New York Times app is similar but it seems to be downloading lots of data so I hope it will have all the latest news when I am on my flight.

Now to Google Reader so I can download my latest RSS feeds on my laptop. Wow that was fast – I am still uploading a few hundred photos and streaming my “Seal” station on Pandora and it downloaded 2,000 items in less than a minute.

Boingo service certainly gets two thumbs up – and getting me to pry my thumbs off my iPhone with such fast broadband access is no easy task. 😉

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