Securus eResponder a Solid IoT, M2M Device

With an aging population around the world, the potential for strokes,img-eresponder-couple.jpg falls and other medical problems which leave a person unable to reach help, only increases. As a result, the need for a device you wear all the time – something small and light increases as well.

This category of product in fact is likely one of the first in the M2M space otherwise known as IoT.

I recently had a chance to try out the Securus eResponder Mobile Personal Emergency Response System, a device name which apparently is designed as a filter. If you can remember it, you likely are young enough not to actually need it. smiley-wink

But joking aside, falling – breaking a bone and being stuck, is no laughing matter and many of us, including me, have family members who have suffered through such a problem.

My job, as a reviewer was to try it out and see how well it worked.

Based on the T-Mobile network, the device allows instant connections with a central office which can help you through emergencies. In my testing, I left it uncharged for weeks and occasionally pressed the pers-eresponder-quarter.pngpanic button to see what would happen. I always reached someone immediately, told them there was no emergency and tried to get off the line quickly so people with real emergencies could get through. Call quality was great and it was loud enough for someone who is hard of hearing.

The pendant is about as small as an ice cube and perhaps lighter and is shower-safe… No, I didn’t shower with it. It can last up to two months on a charge according to the company – although mine didn’t last quite that long.

User information is stored in the call center which is helpful. They always mentioned my name when I connected. In addition, to help responders, users can provide emergency information like allergies, medications, preferred hospitals, and lockbox entry codes as well as five emergency contacts.

The biggest challenge with the device may be there is no way to tell how much battery life is left. Instead, the service itself is designed to alert you through email or phone if battery levels are low. In fact, eResponder automatically collects battery level and cellular strength every 24 hours.

Below is an email you might receive if the battery is low as well as a look at the battery report from my device.



Finally, the call center can trigger the device to dial 911 if a user needs to be located during an emergency. 911 uses U-TDOA technology to locate the device.

In a world where everything of value is to be connected to the internet, devices like these protect some of the most important assets we have… Our loved ones.

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