Sprint Complaints

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Sprint Complaints

Sprint Complaints
Last night I got together with my family for dinner and I found that my Aunt was desperate to talk with me about her recent customer service experience with Sprint. She upgraded her phone and it wouldn't work with her company's new server.

She spent countless days and hours on the phone being bounced around from department to department. She got disconnected repeatedly and she was told numerous incorrect things about connecting her phone to the bluetooth in her Acura.

Worst of all, thanks to tech support she ended up deleting hundreds of e-mails which cannot be recovered.

Bottom lime… One of the worst customer service horror stories I have ever heard. The excruciating detail of it almost caused me to lose sleep. At one point, one of the people she spoke with even gave her an extension and first name in case they were disconnected. Sadly, they were disconnected and when she dialed back to get the person they didn't seem to exist and the extension didn't work.

If this is the typical customer service Sprint is providing then they will be gone soon. It seems this area is the first place the new company execs should look to improve while the company is still around.

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