Thanks to Dubya - No Free Wireless Internet

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Thanks to Dubya - No Free Wireless Internet

I am deeply saddened by the fact that the Bush administration pressured the FCC to cancel a meeting on a vote which would have put free broadband in the hands of hundreds of millions of Americans. This is my opinion is perhaps one of the most damaging things the Bush administration has done to date and it is shocking that they don't have the capacity to see the potential of giving free wireless internet to all.

I guess this is what happens when you have a person who really doesn't use the internet in charge of the country. It's scary really.

I was not an Obama fan. Since he was elected I have been happy with most everything he has done. In addition, the guy understands tech. Really gets it and actually uses it. What a refreshing idea for those of us who make a living - not pumping oil but creating new and existing technologies which make the world a better and more productive place.

One other point worth making is that some are concerned about the fact that the government wanted to censor the free internet that would have been provided as part of an auction. My take? TV and libraries are already censored. I don't remember a porn section in any of the libraries I went to growing up and in college.

If these groups are against censorship, they should be focusing on TV, radio and literary censorship first.

One other important point. I truly believe free internet would not be of the greatest quality and would not impact paid internet service providers to a great extent if at all.

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