Yahoo! Free Ice Cream

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Yahoo! Free Ice Cream

If you are addicted to blogs like I am there is a chance you leave a somewhat sedentary life and like me the last thing need is a free scoop of Baskin-Robbins. Still, I am trying to serve the public interest here and as such I feel compelled to let you know that Yahoo! Is celebrating its ten year anniversary, which is pretty amazing if you stop and think about all the controversy this company helped create.

Ten years ago, Yahoo was THE dotcom. We all talked about them They really helped shape the direction of the Internet over the years and showed that an Internet company with an advertising based revenue model could be very successful. These guys were trailblazers when there was no road map.

Hats off to Yahoo! for helping the Internet get to where it is today and you may enjoy a free ice cream on the company to help celebrate the first ten years of the commercial Internet. While I appreciate the gesture, most of Yahoo!'s customers (myself included) would be better off with an Atkins low-carb bar… But hey, it's a gift. Give up your diet for day and enjoy.

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