Yahoo's Voice Search Ambitions

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Yahoo's Voice Search Ambitions

Yahoo has just invested $20 million in vlingo a voice recognition company specializing in the mobile market. Yahoo!, leveraging this relationship, announced the launch of a voice-enabled version of Yahoo! oneSearch, a new mobile search client that supports unstructured, open-ended voice searches that allows the consumer to speak their query as they would type it into the search box.

One can imagine many applications of voice search such as the integration of GPS/mapping or SMS communications while driving.

Of course this information is not lost on Microsoft as they picked up the leader in this space, TellMe a while back. To be fair, TellMe uses speech recognition in the cloud meaning it is not hosted on devices.

Microsoft already has a speech recognition application for Windows Mobile devices but to date it has not integrated this technology into search.

See vlingo Secures $20 Million Financing Led by Yahoo! by TMCnet's Anil Sharma.

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