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Gmail's 2 GB storage

April 1, 2005

I wasn't sure if this was an April fool's joke when I logged in to my Gmail account and saw my total storage at 1324 MB. It had been 1000 MB (which by the way, is not exactly 1GB) since its inception. But then something stranger kept happening. The next couple of times that I logged in during the day, I noticed that the storage limit was increasing. It's like it was a moving target. Right now it's sitting at 1627 MB and I surmise I'll see a higher number late tonight.

I'm not sure what to attribute to this strange behavior. Google already had its April fool's fun with Google Gulp. But I just saw this story and  it appears that Gmail is indeed marching towards the 2 GB storage limit. It was only a few days ago that Yahoo! announced plans to augment their email storage to 1 GB.

So it seems that the storage wars are once again heating up between the email titans. Personally I can't see how anyone would exceed the 1 GB capacity, but I suppose there is some value in bragging rights here. Having the highest capacity in the industry is great PR after all.

Meanwhile Hotmail has been quiet during all this. I wonder if they're planning a 1 TB storage offer after the smoke has cleared. That should settle the race, or does it?

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