Robert Hashemian TMC

The City of WiFi Love

September 2, 2004

Becoming the largest WiFi hotspot in the world is no small task but that is exactly what Philadelphia is aiming for.

The plan currently under development by the city of Philadelphia would uniformly cover the entire city (135 square miles), and best of all would be available to the residents for free or a small fee. The projected budget for this ambitious project is a mere $10 million, and it would involve installing a large number of WiFi transmitters in and around the city.

It remains to be seen whether this project comes to a successful conclusion, and how it is received by the residents. It also introduces a number of challenges such as maintenance, management, and security.

I, for one, applaud Philadelphia for undertaking this feat. There is no doubt that the DSL and Cable outfits are watching nervously and praying for this project to collapse. I can only hope that other cities and municipalities follow suit and free us from our $600/year Cable and DSL contracts. Or in my case, from my slow dial-up torture.

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Comments to The City of WiFi Love

  1. RE: The City of WiFi Love
    Thomas :

    I applaud Philadelphia's proactive approach and I'm sure they already know they are in for a battle from numerous fronts. I say to Philadelphia, lead the way and share the love once you've conquered the Goliaths that will rise up to thwart your efforts.

    Good Luck