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FiberNet Launches Peering Solution

October 24, 2005

Here at IT EXPO in Los Angeles there is more than a little a chatter regarding VoIP peering. One of the more interesting aspects of peering is how different companies are defining it.

One of other major issue’s to be discussed at IT EXPO’s VoIP Peering Summit this week on Los Angeles is how larger carriers can profit from peering. Indeed, companies such as InfiniRoute and Arbinet offer services and solutions that they say provide carrier class VoIP solutions from which carriers can make money.

Complex interconnection services provider FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc. threw its hat into ring by announcing Monday that it has launched a carrier-class VoIP peering solution and ENUM service.

The company said that with its solution, dubbed Phonomenum, enables telcos, cable operators and VoIP service providers to establish peering connections and exchange VoIP traffic.

"We definitely see the rapid growth of voice services, particularly internationally," FiberNet CEO Jon DeLuca told TMCnet.

DeLuca said that the industry has missed the point of VoIP by having calls passed on to the PSTN either to connect the call between two VoIP subscribers or for the call to be terminated.

Phonomenum, which will utilize FiberNet's network infrastructure to interconnect over 650 service providers, allows the interoperation of IP and the PSTN for termination of VoIP traffic, DeLuca added.

DeLuca noted, however, that his company was still exploring options for its business model for the new service.

"There is a financial element to this," DeLuca said. "There is a cost associated to this; [FiberNet] can’t do it for free.

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