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Nuvio asks FCC for E911 Stay

October 24, 2005

One of the biggest issues facing the VoIP industry is the Federal Communication Commission’s E-911 order. Several sessions at the IT EXPO in Los Angeles will focus on the issue, including an Oct. 26 roundtable discussion of the legal ramifications of the order.

Here’s one topic that is sure to be mentioned at least in passing: Nuvio Corp. asked the FCC Monday to delay enforcing its E-911 Nov. 28 deadline for interconnected VoIP providers.

Nuvio said that it has requested that the FCC stay a portion of its order until a nationwide solution is available to service providers.

According to Nuvio, the company said that it filed a court action with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to prevent the FCC from enforcing its order requiring that all VoIP service providers connected to the PSTN must provide E-911 services to their customers.

"No service provider is going to be able to provide a nationwide solution for nomadic VoIP users, and this order is inconsistent with the Commission’s past decisions regarding implementation of E911 capabilities by other service providers, such as wireless," said Nuvio CEO Jason Talley.

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  1. RE: Nuvio asks FCC for E911 Stay
    Jair Santos :

    It is a matter of time. It will work.

    Jair Santos
    Software Engineer
    Cliconnect Internet Telephony