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IT EXPO Keynote: Vonexus President Jerry Fleming

October 26, 2005

Jerry Fleming, president of IP PBX vendor Vonexus Inc., said Tuesday during his keynote speech at IT EXPO in Los Angeles that there are six reasons why businesses should migrate to VoIP solutions.

Vonexus offers an IP PBX that is pre-integrated for Microsoft applications, which, according to Fleming, addresses all six considerations. According to Fleming, Vonexus’ Enterprise Interaction Center addresses the following six considerations:

• Lower telecommunications costs: Businesses can save between 30 and 40 percent on their telephony bills through broadband connectivity versus a traditional PSTN service.

• Simplify Management and Administration: Before VoIP, Fleming said, networks were comprised of many "proprietary boxes" for voice and data networks that limited a business’ ability to integrate new applications. VoIP, on the other hand, is software, not hardware, based and, therefore, is easier to deploy and integrate new services.

•Reduced infrastructure costs: Voice and data networks are converged onto a single IP network, thus significantly reducing infrastructure costs that are associated with a traditional PBX-based network.

•Better communications: VoIP, and Vonexus’ EIC specifically, can improve a business’ communications by providing flexibility and preventing proprietary lock-ins by deploying voice as a desktop application.

•Improved employee production: A company can offer a suite of rich applications that improves the efficiency of employees, including drag and drop conferencing and on-demand recording.

•Improved employee access: IP telephony enables remote employees to connect with the company’s phone system from anywhere, thus making them available to make and receive calls as if they are in the office.

"Businesses finally have a choice," Fleming said.

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