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September 2006

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HP Using Voodoo (No, Not in the Leak Probe)

September 29, 2006

More Sony Battery Woes -- As in 7 Million ... and Counting

September 29, 2006

Zultsys firestorm brewing

September 29, 2006

Becoming an Asterisk guru

September 29, 2006

So you wanna be an Asterisk guru do ya? I bet you wanna be just like this Asterisk Master in the picture. Not the good looking guy on the left - I'm talking about the Asterisk guru himself, Mark Spencer - on the right.

Well, if you're not the self-taught type, or even if you are and just want some expert Asterisk training to "brush up your skills" -- then you may want to check out the TMC University program going on at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo which features Asterisk training. Our last show we actually had a full day dedicated to Asterisk training.

Ken Camp has a new VoIP site

September 29, 2006

Don't Cry for Me Mobile ESPN

September 28, 2006

Zune 11/14 @$249.99

September 28, 2006

PacketGen VoIP testing tool

September 28, 2006

GL Communications has enhanced its VoIP stress testing tool called PacketGen, a software based VoIP testing tool that features real-time VoIP bulk call generation (including SIP signalling & RTP generation), stress testing, and analysis of VoIP networks and equipment.  The latest version, PacketGen 3.0 supports SIP call generation (individual calls as well as bulk calling) and RTP/RTCP traffic generation. With PacketGen you can send/receive voice files, user-defined digits and tones, as well as create noise impairment and real-time voice traffic. TMC Labs has tested their testing products over the years, including their flagship product, the (Digital Central Office Switch Simulator (DCOSS), which we reviewed here and here.

Using PacketGen, calls can also be made to IP phones and to Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs).

Verizon FIOS will have set-top delivery of ALL Internet videos

September 28, 2006

Russell Shaw has an interesting post about Verizon planning to offer all video content to their customer's set-top boxes in just 12-18 months using the fiber network. If you recall, I analyzed Verizon's race to build out their fiber network, which I read about in a NYTimes article.

Teaser of Russell's post:
In a private note to several of his colleagues (including your truly) Dave Burstein of DSL Prime reports this morning he has found out that Verizon is about 12 to 18 months away from executing a plan to open the set-top box to all Internet video. This woud be done by means of Verizon FIOS, their broadband video service.

And by all Internet video, not just the video content provided by Verizon content partners, but all of it.

Hmmm. While Russell suggests that Internet video will be available, he doesn't give specifics how this would work. Will the set-top box feature a built-in web browser?

HIP Communications a new hosted VoIP company

September 28, 2006

HIP Communications is a new Canadian-based hosted service provider that plans on offering hosted IP telephony very soon. HIP Communications is a sister company of Accelerated Connections Inc. (ACI) with the intention of building hosted applications that run across the ACI network. HIP's product roadmap currently has five hosted applications scheduled for rollout within the coming months, including hosted IP telephony (business class IP PBX), digital media/signage, video surveillance, off-site data storage, Web and teleconferencing.

The hosted IP telephony solution is based on Tekelec's PBX technology. Their voice services switch is fully redundant, with multiple Sun and Intel carrier class servers.

Mobile Phones to Go, Go Moto!

September 27, 2006

Mobile phones to go, go Moto! Indeed!

Not to be outdone by the likes of other gadgets companies that hve gone the kiosk route, Motorola now plans to sell cell phones and accessories in vending machines.

Motorola has begun selling phones and accessories through "Instantmoto" vending machines at such well-trafficked locations as airports and department stores, including San Francisco International Airport and Macy's on State Street in Chicago. The first stage of the roll-out will be completed by November.

Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live interoperate - out of beta

September 27, 2006

It's official, Yahoo! Messenger and Microsoft Live Messenger now interoperate! As of today, the limited beta is no more and it's fully available to all users. That's right, starting today the combined community approaching 350 million user accounts (arguably the world’s largest IM community) can take advantage of Yahoo! Messenger interop with Windows Live Messenger.

The Next Gen DVD Format War Is Over (Maybe, Maybe Not)

September 27, 2006

Everybody loves a format war; by "everybody" I really mean the media. Format wars are no fun for the companies backing each format, the companies manufacturing the competing products and the consumers who must ultimately vote (with their pocketbooks and wallets) to determine which side is the winner.

Now, according to a press release, the war is over -- maybe -- before it has begun.

VON = Voice on the Net or Video on the Net?

September 27, 2006

I didn't attend VON, so I cannot attest to the traffic numbers or how the "buzz" was at the show just a few short weeks ago. However, I found some interesting posts from bloggers and websites that discussed the VON show. One interesting comment was from Eric Chamberlain, from Voxilla that said,  "This was my first VON show. Turnout appeared light and my peers confirmed that turnout was around 20 percent lower than in past years.

With SIP trunking, VoIP ain't just for residential, my friend

September 26, 2006

A Hot One for Lenovo!!!

September 26, 2006

Holy flaming laptops Batman!

Crazy stuff just keeps on happening in the saga of explodiing notebook computers.  Now we have Lenovo pledging today that public safety "will be the company's first priority" following an incident in which a Lenovo ThinkPad T43 laptop (with a Sony battery; any surprise there?) caught fire at Los Angeles International Airport recently. That's the culprit pictured at right.

Cancelling Vonage Difficulties

September 26, 2006

I thought I would share my interesting experience with cancelling my Vonage service. I recorded the entire call, including the traversal over their IVR to reach an agent. Surprisingly, I was connected pretty quickly to an agent. I was expecting a much longer hold time.

A 'Cingular' iPhone?

September 26, 2006

Vonage promotion with Amazon

September 26, 2006

A co-worker received his order and inside the box was a Vonage promotional flyer. Great to see Vonage expanding beyond just Internet advertising and their "woo hoo" TV commercials. Of course, one has to wonder how much Vonage is spending to acquire each customer. I also have to wonder why they would target the demographic, which consists mostly of online savvy folks, which no doubt have already seen Vonage banner ads already.

JAJAH offers free calls from any mobile phone

September 25, 2006

JAJAH now enables most mobile phones to make free global calls. JAJAH will announce on Tuesday their new service which enables consumers to make free or low-cost long distance international calls directly from their cell phone. This extends their previous "free calling", to the mobile phone realm, which was previously only available via a computer browser.

The JAJAH Mobile Suite will allow virtually any mobile phone to make JAJAH calls.

SystemWorks Gives Your PC the Works!

September 25, 2006

It would be a wonderful world (apologies to Louis Armstrong) if we didn't have to load up our computers with all kinds of software to protect us from worms, viruses, Trojan horses and other computer nasties that keep bombarding our computers.

(Don't these people have anything better to do?)

While we can only hope that these folks will curb their evil ways, we have to take all of the necessary steps to protect ourselves.

Now, I've already blogged about my great affection for Norton Internet Security, and now I want share my great like for another fine, very fine Norton product, the simply named SystemWorks.

Quickie Quiz: More TVs or More People?

September 25, 2006

FOX News reviews the Sony Mylo

September 22, 2006

Musician's Friend: That's What It Is

September 22, 2006

5 Men Arrested for Illegally Operating VoIP Service without a License

September 22, 2006

TMCnet reports that 5 men were arrested in Namibia (Africa) for illegally operating a VoIP service without a license. TMCnet's Susan Campbell provides some interesting analysis:
Such an incident raises the eyebrows of those watching and reading from the sidelines wondering if the telecoms really are looking out for the protection of the public or their dwindling profits. Sure, the men did violate a national Act and thus, broke the law. But, for the monitoring to come from the national telecom, it almost sounds like tattling...<snip>
The legal issue is pretty cut and dry if these men indeed were operating without a license.

U2 iPod Gets an Update

September 22, 2006

Adobe Flash goes VoIP

September 22, 2006

Om broke the news about Adobe’s secret VoIP start-up project. I knew about Adobe’s top-secret VoIP plans since June of this year. I interviewed Adobe's <[edit] name withheld per request> back in June and got some interesting insights into Adobe’s plans for adding VoIP to their Flash player and how it could impact social networking sites, such as Adobe invited me to be an advisor to Adobe due to my experience in the VoIP industry to discuss the architecture and plans for what they are working on – but under NDA.

MobileEdge Gets Secure, Very Secure

September 21, 2006

Have really liked MobileEdge's backpacks for quite some time now; they are really built well and can stand up to some tough abuse -- how about a ton of school books, for example!

Now, they have introduced a new backpack with an ah-ha! idea -- if security is an issue (and with a backpack of course it is!).

The idea (please) you say?

Who'll Gimme a Price on a Zune?

September 21, 2006 supports SunRocket for home alarm systems

September 21, 2006

I've written about in the past and how Vonage and other VoIP players use their technology for home alarm systems. DTMF (touch-tone) digits are not properly being transmitted when using VoIP which affects alarm systems. gets around this limitation. NextAlarm was actually the first to offer a VoIP-compatible alarm system, which I wrote about here.

Today, word comes from PC Magazine that has inked a deal with SunRocket, a popular VoIP service provider.

DigitalLife Is Free

September 20, 2006

Live from Tokyo: New Xbox 360 HD Games!

September 20, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like HD around here, with Microsoft's announcment today at the Tokyo Game Show 2006 that is has a library of 110 HD Xbox 360 games that will be available this holiday season in Japan, including the highly anticipated Blue Dragon.

(Look for a lot of those to be headed our way, too.)

Also, Microsoft is going "old school" with a tribute to “Pac-Man” with the announcement of the first “Pac-Man” World Championship will be held in early 2007 using Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade.

The Xbox 360 games showcased included:

  • Blue Dragon (Microsoft Game Studios)
  • Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Capcom)
  • Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 (Tecmo Inc.)
  • Trusty Bell (NAMCO BANDAI Games)

If this isn't enough, read the complete press release on the Microsoft web site.

Asterisk replaces Cisco CallManager

September 20, 2006

If you recall, back in March, I talked about how Cisco was embracing the SIP standard, i.e. "Cisco is fully embracing the SIP standard on their desktop phones. I interviewed Cisco last week and they told me that I was the first journalist or analyst to have a "first look" at this major announcement." The March article explains in detail about Cisco's Unified Communications strategy and the impact embracing SIP will have on Cisco and the VoIP industry as a whole.

I wrote back in March, "Perhaps I misread the tone of the Cisco representatives during my call, but they initially seemed to downplay the significance of Cisco's embracing of SIP in favor of focusing on the entire Unified Communications platform. But in my opinion, Cisco embracing SIP is just as big news as their Unified Communications system..." This "big news" and impact on the VoIP industry will be explained in just a bit, but you probably figured it out already from the title of this article.

When I spoke to Barry O'Sullivan vice president and general manager of Cisco's IP Communications Business Unit back in March, he told me, "Our strategy is to put as much intelligence onto the network to allow applications whether our applications or others applications to take advantage of that intelligence.

Toshiba Battery Problems! Here We Go Again (Sony)!

September 19, 2006

How Much Is That Zune in the Window?

September 19, 2006

ADTRAN adds New Multiservice Access Routers to NetVanta family

September 19, 2006

ADTRAN today announced the introduction of the NetVanta 3400 Series of Multiservice Access Routers. The series delivers up to two T1s of wire-speed performance, even with advanced services like Firewall, Access Control Lists (ACLs) and IPSec Virtual Private Networking (VPN) enabled. I've always been a fan of ADTRAN's "all in one" networking solutions, which often give you not just a router, but PoE, firewall, VPN, built-in SIP server, CompactFlash for backup, and more. Back in May, I wrote about ADTRAN's 7100 IP-PBX, which I thought was one of the most comprehensive, plug-in-play, all-in-one IP-PBXs in the market.

ATG Acquires eStara, a Click-to-Call VoIP Company

September 19, 2006

ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc., NASDAQ: ARTG), and eStara today announced that the two companies signed a definitive agreement for ATG to acquire eStara in a stock and cash merger transaction. ATG has several customer relationship management (CRM) products and e-commerce enhancing software tools. They have knowledge base and help-desk solutions, live chat, content management, analytics, and more. Using eStara's click-to-call technology is a good complement to their existing portfolio.

According to eStara, eStara’s Click to Call, Click to Chat and Call Tracking solutions will advance ATG’s mission of enabling online sellers to find customers, convert them to buyers and ensure their satisfaction so they become loyal, repeat, and profitable customers. 

Gizmo Brings Free Calls to Small Businesses

September 19, 2006

Gizmo, created by SIPphone is one of my favorite VoIP clients and not just because they have one of the prettiest & slickest looking interfaces. Nope, Gizmo has some of the best features in any softphone client you will find and unlike Skype which uses a proprietary protocol, Gizmo uses the SIP standard. Back in July, Gizmo announced their "All Calls Free" program which allows you to call all of your Gizmo friends for FREE on their landline or mobile phones in 60 Countries. SIPphone said today that it is extending its All Calls Free calling plan to business users world wide.

The only catch is that the person you are dialing must also be a Gizmo user with their landline and/or mobile phone registered within the Gizmo client.

Olevia: Very Affordable LCD HDTVs

September 18, 2006

The Olevia 5 Series LCD HDTVs include a bunch of models in the most popular sizes -- 27-, 32-, 37- and 42-inch models designated, respectively, the 527V, 532H, 537H, and 542i.

Having had my eyes on the 537H for a number of weeks, now, it provides good video and audio quality as well as HD at an affordable price. It may not be the screen featured in your high-end home theater, but funs well in a less critically demanding environment.

MTV: Living in a Virtual World

September 18, 2006

If watching reality TV and playing "reality" video games like all of the permutations of The Sims wasn't enough, MTV plans to launch its new show, Virtual Laguna Beach, on Wednesday.

Not just any old MTV-type show, according to reports (like those in today's New York Times), Virtual Laguna Beach lets you not just watch TV, but live TV.

(Not sure if I really want to ...)

The introduction of Virtual Laguna Beach is apparently the first of three virtual worlds  that MTV plans over the next year as part of an effort to gain back mindshare from such popular Web sites as MySpace and YouTube.

Add Segway to the List of Companies with Problems ...

September 15, 2006

Apple Cell Phone in 2007?

September 15, 2006

Spammers win $11 million over antispam blacklist company

September 15, 2006

According to a CNet article, a U.S. District Court in Illinois has ordered Spamhaus to pay $11,715,000 in damages to e360insight and its chief, David Linhardt, who had sued Spamhuas over illegal blacklisting. e360insight by all accounts a known spammer and therefore Spamhaus refused to remove them from their blacklist - used by thousands of organizations. In fact, TMC uses Spamhaus on our email server to filter spam.

Griffin's Got the Power (iPod Road Power)

September 14, 2006

Griffin Technology offers oodles of products for the iPod -- not a bad way to run a business!

The PowerBlock Travel is the ultimate travel pack; it can charge your iPod wherever you go. The twin flat-blade, non-polarized prongs fit into any twin-prong outlets -- ideal for international use, but, more importantly (or "at least"), the package includes adapters that cover every kind of AC connection you'll encounter in your globe trekking. PowerBlock handles voltages from 110 to 240 AC, converting seamlessly to the 12 Volt DC that you (actually your gadgets) need.

What's more, the PowerBlock Travel includes a Griffin dock connector cable for your iPod.

VoIP in sunny San Diego

September 14, 2006

September has arrived which means the Fall season is just around the corner. This also means cooler weather, which I am not a fan of. For one, I can't drive the Viper with the top down and come the first snowstorm and road salt, it is put into hibernation until the Spring.  So with cooler weather on the way, I am really looking forward to attending Internet Telephony Expo in San Diego, which has some of the nicest year-round weather in the continental U.S.

In fact, Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today released an updated conference agenda for our INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO West 2006 in San Diego featuring newly added sessions created to educate service providers seeking to profitably deploy 'Triple Play' solutions to their subscribers.

VoIP over EVDO from PeerMe

September 14, 2006

Found an interesting company that can do VoIP over EVDO, a popular high-speed data network used by Sprint, Verizon, and other mobile carriers. PeerMe, today launched its free service designed to allow users of Sprint EVDO mobile phones to make free unlimited calls. They currently offer a PocketPC and Windows Mobile 5 version of their client.

Actually, upon further review, my excitement over PeerMe has now waned. Although PeerMe uses VoIP technology to enable mobile phone users to communicate with other mobile phone users running PeerMe for free, it appears that PeerMe doesn't allow for PSTN calling.

Nintendo Wii = $250

September 14, 2006

Viagra and Lingerie Mice for your PC

September 13, 2006

So you wanna get your hands on some Viagra do ya? Perhaps even get your hands on some sexy lingerie. Well, I can help you get your hands on either one of these for about 29.90 EURO. Of course, technically you will only be able to use one hand on either of these items.

Crucial's Got Flash (Memory) & Much More: 10 Years After

September 13, 2006

Memory companies hold a funny place in the world of gadgets -- they provide an essential component to PDAs, MP3 players, smart phones, digital cameras and the like -- yet they are essentially invisible.

And while branding does play a role in consumer's purchasing decisions in this area, very often price is the determining factor when faced with competing products in clam shell cases hanging from retailers' display racks.

All this leads to a note about Crucial Technology celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. 

Free phone calls on your Blackberry

September 13, 2006

What Happened to the Apple Cell Phone?

September 13, 2006

Skype for Mac 2.0 has video!

September 13, 2006

Raketu new P2P VoIP app takes on Skype

September 12, 2006

Is Raketu the next Skype killer? Raketu today launched a new VoIP client that also offers information and entertainment services. Raketu’s communications features include dialout calling (rakOut) to landline/mobile phones, Instant Messaging (supporting Raketu, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ, Google and Skype), SMS-text messaging, and file transfers/sharing.

Raketu's information features include news, sports, weather, stock feeds, and an advanced internet and travel searching facility. Raketu’s entertainment features include a podcast reader/player, games, and a full featured multi-media player with karaoke.

3rd Gen TiVo Goes HD

September 12, 2006

Don't count TiVo down and out just yet.

The new high-end TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder is the first stand-alone TiVo product that is HD-compatible. It's also the world's first THX-certified digital video recorder (that means awesome audio).

Dual tuners allow subscribers to record two different shows in HD at the same time, while watching a third pre-recorded show.  With the front-panel display, the TiVo Series3 will show what is recording, even when the television is off.

Truphone SIP client for mobile phones with free calling

September 12, 2006

Truphone today announced availability of a free beta VoIP software download for Wi-Fi-enabled, mass market mobile handsets. The first download is available for Nokia's latest E-series handsets, with the N-series handsets to follow imminently.  Support for additional Wi-Fi-enabled phones, including those built on the Windows Mobile platform will soon follow.

Calls between 'on net' Truphone handsets are free worldwide. However, in the footsteps of Skype's free U.S./Canada SkypeOut promotion (amongst others), Truphone has a launch offer to the end of the year (Dec 31st 2006) that gives USA users free calls to USA/Canada and UK users will be able to call some two billion landlines in major countries for free.

Sneak a Peak Inside Today's Big Apple Event

September 12, 2006

Asterisk 1.4 unveiled

September 12, 2006

Digium Inc., the Asterisk company, today announced Asterisk 1.4. According to Digium, the new version isn't available for download until October however. Although I know Mark Spencer, I have no inside information, however, my guess is that Asterisk will launch the software at TMC's Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in San Diego. Seems like the perfect venue to launch this major software release.

Asterisk 1.4 is the first major release of Asterisk since the release of Asterisk 1.2 in November 2005.

Global IP Sound releases new iSAC 2.0 codec

September 12, 2006

Global IP Sound (GIPS) today announced the availability of version 2.0 of its iSAC codec.  iSAC 2.0 is now optimized for use in hardware devices. This solution allows the makers of IP phones, gateways and chipsets to deliver products that offer the same high quality voice experience that users of software-based VoIP softphones have achieves using GIPS' voice platform. (i.e.

iPod Becoming Uncool?

September 11, 2006

9/11: Unconnected and On Your Own

September 11, 2006

Five years is a long time.

Yes, it's easy to take everything we have for granted, from the large to the small, but five years ago today being in New York City meant being on your own -- there were no means of personal communications; the infrastructure needed to support wireless and wired technologies had been suddenly blown apart.

It was a return to the days of mass communications solely -- there was no such thing as personal communication.  And being unconnected on the street really meant not knowing what was going on -- word of mouth ruled and that lack of knowledge fueled speculation on what was occurring and how to react to it.

VOX for Skype for mobile phones

September 11, 2006

VoxLib announced the launch of VOX for Skype, a plugin application to Skype that enables Skype to be used on any mobile device.  This plugin enables users to benefit from Skype while away from their desktop. VOX for Skype requires no mobile data plan, mobile browser or software to download or install on the mobile device. It also works regardless of the user’s mobile carrier.

NY Times Mobile: All the News That's Fit to Download

September 8, 2006

Really like the fact that my (Randy's) favorite newsaper, the New York Times, has just launched a web site optimized for mobile phone users. They even released a press release about it.

The site,, provides access to news and information from via mobile devices including Web-enabled phones and PDAs.

Firefox VoIP extension

September 8, 2006

Seems like everyone and his brother is developing VoIP extensions for Firefox. I wrote about Zoep which adds a VoIP extension to Firefox. It appears that Zoep's website is no longer available, so that project may have been killed. Openwengo is yet another VoIP player offering a VoIP extension to Firefox.

Nokia Goes By the Numbers No Longer

September 8, 2006

Blackberry's Got a Pearl

September 7, 2006

New Apple Patent Covers Telephony

September 7, 2006

Sony Says: 'We're Number 1"!

September 6, 2006

Uniden MapTrax GPS

September 6, 2006

Uniden, a manufacturer of wireless consumer electronics, today announced its entrance into the Global Positioning System (GPS) market. I'm a huge fan of Uniden's line of phone products, as evidenced by my Uniden 'Vonage' phone review and my Uniden TRU-8885-2 review. Now Uniden will debut a new line of portable GPS navigation products, Uniden MapTrax, beginning in Fall 2006. One "claim to fame" is that the Uniden MapTrax Product Line will offer the largest GPS LCD screen in the industry - a whopping 7 inches.

Uniden GPS352

“With more than 40 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry and a solid understanding of consumers’ needs, Uniden’s debut into the GPS arena is a natural next step for our growing company and its brand,” said Larry Johannes, senior director of marketing for Uniden.

Apple Cell Phone on Its Way?

September 6, 2006

Skylook 2.0 for Skype sneek peak

September 6, 2006

Skylook is one of the most powerful add-ons for Skype you will find. Skylook 2.0 includes a major new feature called “Alerts and Forwarding”. This feature allows you to be alerted about important events that occur when you are away from your PC. These events include: The receipt of an important Email; the receipt of an instant message, an important contact coming on-line, a missed Outlook reminder; a missed call or voice message.

TreoCiel: As Local As Local Weather Gets

September 5, 2006

Vonage Woo Hoo now Boo Hoo?

September 5, 2006

Garrett seems to think that Vonage's "woo hoo" TV commercial advertising is on the decline. His conclusions are not scientific but rather are based on his personal observations. I still have seen the Vonage "woo hoo" TV commercials, but I did notice that they seem to be on TV less often. Perhaps Garrett is onto something?

Oh No! Another Notebook Ballery Recall!

September 5, 2006

As if we haven't already had enough (too much! actually), now Matsushita is recalling 6,000 notebook PC batteries that could overheat when subjected to a strong impact.

According to published reports (thank you, Reuters and VARBusiness for the news ...), a Matsushita spokesperson declined to identify the supplier of the batteries in question, but said that neither Matsushita (best know here for its Panasonic brand) nor Sony had made them.

Number Portability problems

September 5, 2006

I never thought that in 2006 I would have number portability problems. Hasn't number portability regulations evolved to the point where it is no longer an issue? Alas, I found out the hard way that number portability is still very much a political game by the phone carriers and even the VoIP service providers to hold their customers hostage.

First, let me state that I've been a happy Vonage customer for many years, and used it in two different home addresses with the same exact phone number, which was ported from AT&T/SBC. Thus, I've had the same phone number for about 10 years, which many friends and family know.

The VoIP Girl

September 5, 2006

I was checking out Technorati when I noticed a new VoIP blog called linked to one of my posts. Curious about the domain name, considering there are plenty of gadget girl websites, I was intrigued to see what this new blog was about.

VoIPGirl just started her blog about 3 weeks ago (August 11th) was the first post. In her About me link she writes:

This is NOT a blog about women, or even necessarily about women who use VOIP services – I mean how boring is that. I called it The VOIP Girl because well I'm a gal.

Epson Takes TV to the Edge

September 4, 2006

Epson's upcoming high-resolution displays, featuring something called "Photo Fine Vistarich technology" produce crisp, beautiful images even when viewed from a sharp angle — up to 180 degrees from the top, bottom, left, and right — with hardly any changes in contrast or color. (Yes, you read correctly.)

What does this make possible?

  • Clear pictures for viewers of in-car entertainment systems even when they are not sitting directly in front of the screen.
  • Digital camera users will be able to preview the images they are shooting in true to-life colors while holding the camera above their heads.
  • Users of multifunction mobile devices will be able to enjoy moving pictures, such as movies and sports broadcasts, from virtually any angle.

Behind Photo Fine Vistarich's broad viewing angle is advanced technology that gives contrast ratios of more than 100:1 from ±80 degrees (500:1 when viewed head on). Conventional LCDs have contrast ratios from ±80 degrees that are usually only 10:1.

Nintendo with Your Happy Meal?

September 1, 2006

DigitalLife Is On Its Way!

September 1, 2006

Panasonic to launch Skype WiFi phone

September 1, 2006

GN 9350 DECT 6.0 headset does PC, VoIP, and regular phone handsets

September 1, 2006

GN Netcom's GN 9350 DECT 6.0 headset (now called the Jabra GN 9350) is one of the most versatile headsets I have ever reviewed. When GN Netcom told me they had a new headset that did both PC audio and Phone audio, while leveraging the range and interference-free characteristics of the DECT 6.0 standard, I just had to review this headset. (Note: DECT 6.0 operates at 1.9Ghz so it is less apt to have interference from WiFi 2.4Ghz signals) With the GN 9350 you can get your "Skype" on, your iTunes on, and your phone on, all using one wireless headset. Sweet!

Update: Jabra now has the Jabra GN 9350e, the successor to the popular Jabra GN 9350.

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