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February 2007

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February 28, 2007 has a very cool site that lets you upload your favorite photos and then instantly add music, videos, themes, pins, movie posters, instant posting. I added a few of my own photos to test it. In just 5 minutes I created this slideshow with music. You have to pick their selection of music - probably so they don't run afoul of the RIAA complaining about copyrighted music.I didn't even have to register on their website, though the advantage of registering is that you can edit the photos you uploaded.

Gizmo marries Yahoo, MSN Messenger (Live), Jabber, and Google Talk

February 27, 2007

Om has the news on SIPphone's Gizmo offering free VoIP calling to most of the major IM clients. While Yahoo! and Microsoft already offer instant messaging interoperability, as far as I know, you can't do VoIP between these two IM networks. The interoperability agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo is IM only. But with Gizmo, you CAN do voice over IP calling from Yahoo to Microsoft MSN Messenger.

See Your Mobile Phone as Your Credit Card

February 27, 2007

Google Apps vs. Office: Ready for Prime Time?

February 27, 2007

The Remote at 50: Where Would We Be without It? Thank You, Dr. Adler

February 26, 2007

Well it may be hard to believe, but the remote control turned 50 last year!

Fitting to honor this ubiquitous device at the time of the passing of Dr. Robert Adler earlier this month.

He received more than 180 U.S.

The iPhone Decision: What's in It for Cisco?

February 26, 2007

Sure you've gotten over the short-lived excitement over the wraggling between Apple and Cisco over the iPhone trademark -- now that this spat has been settled.

But if you think about this some (if you really want to), you have to wonder what the deal was all about.  On the surface, it seems to reverse Apple's longstanding refusal to make its products interoperable with competing devices.

But is that really the case?

Sony PS3 haters video

February 26, 2007

Boy, Sony PS3 is really having a tough time! After the disastrous U.S. launch, PS3 users stealing and killing each other for the high-demand console, >$3000 prices on eBay at the U.S. launch, and the Wii and XBox 360 outselling the PS3 -- the PS3 continues its downward spiral.

BitTorrent Download Movie Site launches

February 26, 2007

Today, BitTorrent has launched their licensed entertainment networl and an enhanced BitTorrent protocol that will allow it to offer copyrighted movies, TV shows, games, and other media. The BitTorrent Entertainment Network will launch starting with over 5,000 titles, including films from Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lionsgate, and Warner Bros, as well as episodes of TV shows such as 24 and Prison Break.

According to the company, the service is aimed at young males who regularly use BitTorrent to download pirated versions of the same films and who prefer to watch these video programs on their PCs instead of a TV. BitTorrent is used by millions of users and in fact 1/3rd of all Internet traffic is consumed by BitTorrent traffic. The problem from naysayers is "converting" these pirates into legit-paying customers.

ZoiPPE offers free calls to China landlines and mobile phones

February 26, 2007

ZoiPPE, a Hong Kong-based VoIP service provider is offering their users a Chinese New Year gift  - UNLIMITED free calls to China landline and even mobile phones. Often times, calls to mobile phones are more expensive or not covered by any sort of "free" promotions.

Not sure how long the promotion will last, but if you have family/friends in China, then ZoiPPE certainly offers an inexpensive way to call. PC-to-PC calls are free. ZoiPPE claims to be the first with an innovative interface known as Magic Message Square (MMS) which allows users to switch from making PC-to-PC calls to sending instant messaging, SMS, emails or simply calling to a fixed or mobile line.

Encyclocentral Wiki alternative

February 24, 2007

Nokia Sells a Lot of Mobile Phones!

February 23, 2007

MIT develops ultra-fast rope climbing device

February 23, 2007

According to Technology Review, it takes about six minutes for a firefighter with a full load of gear to reach the top of a 30-story building by running up the stairs. Of course, one the firefighter gets there, they are exhausted and are less capable of rescuing/carrying someone than if they took the elevator. Of course, they can't take the elevator since the fire could cut the power or the elevator cables leaving the firefighter trapped - or worse freefalling to the bottom.

Well, a group of MIT students have designed a rope-climbing device that can carry 250 pounds at a top speed of 10 feet per second. The U.S.

CorelDraw X3 Graphics Suite: How Sweet It Is!

February 23, 2007

Yes, everyone has their favorite graphic design programs, but CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 is a comprehensive graphics suite that lets you tackle a wide variety of projects -- from logo creation and Web graphics to multi-page marketing brochures to or eye-catching signs.

(Is that the Geico gecko on the box?)

With the new bitmap-to-vector tracing in Corel PowerTRACE, new photo-editing features in PHOTO-PAINT, new suite-wide learning tools and enhancements in illustration and page layout, this suite combines design capabilities, ease-of-use, and affordability that' s a tough match-up for other graphics software.

Plantronics Discovery 665 Review

February 22, 2007

The Plantronics Discovery 665 is Plantronics' latest and greatest Bluetooth headset, which is essentially an update to the Plantronics 640, 645, and 655 headset line. The Plantronics Discovery 665 headset is essentially a 655 with "AudioIQ" added - an intelligent digital sound enhancement to improve the sound quality. Plantronics sent VoIP & Gadgets blog a 655 eval headset to review.

Raytheon ACU-2000 IP VoIP Gateway

February 22, 2007

Raytheon of "Patriot missile" fame is set to launch a new SIP VoIP gateway called the ACU-2000 IP through their Ratheon JSP Communications subsidiary.

They claim that the ACU-2000 IP is the only solution that provides a true SIP-based gateway to digitally converge your existing radio systems with SIP telephones, networks, and devices. Using their system you can bring the advantages of the open-standards SIP protocol to your radio systems and add radio functionality to your network.

The question is will this SIP gateway be strictly focused on the government, military, and wireless carrier operations or will general enterprises find it useful as well? Just imagine Cisco going head-to-head with Raytheon - titan vs. a titan.

Dan York Reviews Skype 3.1 beta

February 22, 2007

Apple and Cisco make iPhone love

February 22, 2007

Cisco and Apple said that they have settled the iPhone trademark infringement. lawsuit that has surrounded the much-hyped Apple iPhone mobile phone-iPod hybrid gadget. Apple and Cisco stated that Apple will be allowed to use the name for its mobile phone device in exchange for exploring wide-ranging ''interoperability'' between the companies' products in the areas of security, consumer and business communications.

No other details of the agreement were released, and representatives from both companies declined to comment. The companies stated that they would dismiss any pending legal actions regarding the trademark.

Not Quite the Download Generation Yet ...

February 22, 2007

While we get very excited about downloading music, the discussion over DRM and which MP3 player is best, only one in four online consumers have acquired music via digital downloads, according to CEA Market Research in a study called "Uncovering Trends in Digital Lifestyles."

I would have certainly guessed a larger number, particularly since the aisles of stores where CDs are sold are rarely crowded -- and yes, you can get these CDs over the Internet instead.

Perhaps we are now spending more money and time buying DVDs rather than music?

pbxnsip IP-PBX Review

February 21, 2007

pbxnsip is a Windows-based feature-rich IP-PBX which I recently tested for TMC Labs. It's going to be published in Internet Telephony Magazine, but I figured I'd give my blog readers a "sneak peek" at the review, because, well... I'm good like that!

1600 Osgood St
Bldg 20 Suite 223
North Andover, MA 01845
Web site:

Various flavors are available, including but not limited to:
General Enterprise:

- Office 10 - $690
- Office 25 - $1,490.00
- Office 200 - $8,950.00
Call center functionality:
- Center 25 - $2990.00

- Center 50 - 4,950.00
  RATINGS (0–5)
Installation: 5
Documentation: 4
Features: 4.25
GUI: 4
Overall: A-
Powerful VoIP phone systems can be had a much lower cost than 5 years ago. Part of the reason is inexpensive open source solutions, such as Asterisk, which runs on Linux.

Just How Old Is the Remote Control?

February 21, 2007

(Extreme) FreeStyle Audio: I Like It

February 21, 2007

Now there are MP3 players and there are MP3 players. Been playing around with Freestyle Audio's DMP for a little while, and I like it. Here's my review - Built especially for extreme sports use, it's a great unit that can take the abuse that those sports -- and teens and pre-teens -- throw at it.

(That's the real life, out of the lab test.)

GrandCentral supports Gizmo Project

February 21, 2007

GrandCentral, one of several companies offering "single phone number" find-me/follow-me routing, has added support for SipPhone's free Gizmo Project VoIP service. SipPhone’s popular VoIP service allows users to make and receive free phone calls worldwide over the Internet on personal computers as well as select Nokia mobile phones and Internet Tablets.

However, Gizmo charges $35 to add an inbound PSTN number to the free Gizmo account. Why would Gizmo shoot themselves in the foot by allowing GrandCentral to do this? Well, GrandCentral didn't exactly need to ask Gizmo's permission to do this.

Fonality PBXtra Call Center Edition released

February 21, 2007

Fonality today released their latest version of PBXtra Call Center Edition v3.5, an Asterisk-based IP-PBX, and added some interesting new call center features. For instance, PBXtra Call Center Edition has a new feature that lets remote call center agent's receive phone calls using any type of phone - VoIP phone, analog phone, cell phone. etc. PBXtra will call the agent when it's his/her turn to answer a call in the ACD queue.

iPhone vs iPhone vs. iSoftphone?

February 20, 2007

As if we haven't had enough of the Cisco vs. Apple iPhone battle, now we have "iSoftPhone", a clone of the Apple iPhone's skin created by Xnet Communications GmbH.

iSoftPhone is a VoIP softphone for Mac OS X. They claim its a quick one-step configuration to start talking to other users in just seconds. It does let you add multiple SIP providers, which is one of my major features in my theoretical "perfect softphone client".

According to Xnet Communications, "This is no half-baked Apple Java-compatible program nor is it a port of any Windows or Linux version. We have tried to provide some fun by making a skin which is strangely familiar to a product unveiled at the MacWorld Expo. This is a pure Mac implementation for Mac users only.

Digital Transition? What Digital Transition?

February 20, 2007

Sometimes we just put our heads in a hole, don't we?

According to various recent reports, more than six out of ten of us are unaware of the transition to digital television.

Yes, that's right! The majority of U.S.

Sony Links HD with IPTV

February 19, 2007

Sony has revealed that it would now enable most of its new televisions, including High-Definition (HD), to play video from the Internet -- IPTV.

According to recent reports, the company said the convergence of the Internet and other digital video with traditional devices was the key for its four strategic growth areas: video gaming, digital imaging, HD and mobile products

Sony plans to equip its TVs with an attachable module that can stream broadband HD and other Internet video content simply by pushing a button on the remote control.

Sony also recently introduced an icon-based user interface, called Xross Media Bar, that is similar to a system already found on its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable (aka PSP) gaming devices.

President's Day: Gadgets in History

February 19, 2007

Always thought it was a shame that President's Day collapsed Lincoln and Washington's birthdays into one single holiday (so what if they were born in the same month?).

Anyway, interesting to think back, particularly to colonial times, and consider what gadgets were in existence then. Personal electronics (ahem, must omit "electronics" -- not yet invented) or rather personal gadgets might largely have consisted of a pocket watch and a good knife.

"Tools" I think would be a more accurate description of the handy dandy items that were in use back then -- for cooking, clearing land, farming, etc.

Kwikset SmartScan Fingerprint Reader Lock

February 16, 2007

Ever lose your keys and can't unlock your front door? Ever resort to crawling through an unlocked window to get into your locked house and hope the neighbors don't call the police? Well, I have and it's not fun breaking into your own house.

Kwikset comes to the rescue with a fingerprint reader lock for doors.  Kwikset, one of America’s leading door lock companies, has developered this new keyless lock that scans your fingerprint and unlocks the door.

Accutone USB500 Skype Ready VoIP Headset

February 16, 2007

I just discovered an interesting new USB headset specifically designed for Skype called the Accutone USB500. On the headset's USB cord it has an in-line controller that lets you dial Skype, page up/down through Skype contacts, adjust the volume, popup the Skype client, mute Skype, and hang-up Skype - all without touching the keyboard!

It's also a stereo headset with good-sized 40mm speakers, perfect not just for Skype, but gaming with lots of bass as well.

It has an MSRP of $56.00

Here's a closer product shot:

Here are the features:

• Comfortable leatherette ear cushions
• Noise canceling microphone with built-in wind screen
• Digital stereo sound with high fidelity 40mm speakers
• Echo Cancellation & Digital Signaling Technology
• Exclusive compact Skype in-line digital control unit
   Activates Skype features without touching the keyboard
   Digital volume and muting controls
   Answer incoming calls
   Disconnect call upon completion
• Digital volume and muting controls
• Online and muting status LED indication
• Comes in black or PC blue
• Acoustic shock protection circuitry
• Accutone Sound Experience & Skypemate software
• USB plug-&-play, Windows & MAC compatible
• Single-side cord for a tangle free binaural headset

An Apple Sub?

February 16, 2007

Now you're probably thinking that Apple has taken brand extension to the outer limits, but I'm talking sub-notebook computer, not any other kind of sub (sandwich? submarine?).

According the this report, the big bad boys from Cupertino are planning to make a strong move into a market that has lost a lot pizazz in the last few years.

(In fact, I was just on eBay looking a small, lightweight, full-featured subnotebooks -- kind of like Toshiba's Libretto or those models that never seem to ever make it out of Japan -- now, why is that?

Seeing 3D at the NBA All-Star Game

February 16, 2007

When the NBA All-Star Game and its weekend-long festivities take place in Las Vegas starting today it will mark the first time the game will be held in a city without an NBA franchise.

But it will also mark another first: the world's first live 3D HD production for a live sporting event, offering viewers around Las Vegas at viewing parties a chance to experience an NBA telecast like never before.

With the help of PACE, the same developer of the 3D technology being used by James Cameron, a special production fly-pack, and a lot of faith in new technology the NBA is laying the groundwork for a technology that could give fans who can't snag a ticket to an NBA Finals game a chance to catch the action at a digital cinema or arena.

Don't Like DRM, But It's Not Going Away Soon

February 15, 2007

What's the Best Gadget To Take on Vacation?

February 15, 2007

You Like Ringtones? How About Horntones?

February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day: Gadget Day?

February 14, 2007 offers free month of service

February 13, 2007

Download 24 ringtone

February 13, 2007

24 is one of my favorite TV shows, so I thought I'd share my 24 ringtones. I have three versions of the ringtone. The first ringtone only plays the Cisco VoIP phone ringing once. The second ringtone plays the Cisco VoIP ringtone twice, and the third one plays the ringtone 4 times.

AT&T U-verse Doomed?

February 13, 2007

Many have heard of the difficulties in implementing AT&T's U-verse IPTV service. AT&T's U-verse network is actually a fiber/copper hybrid, which pulls fibers to 3,000 to 5,000 feet from the homes they serve, where it then connects to mini-DSLAMs called "52B" boxes and then it runs copper the last mile to the home. This hybrid approach is a bargain when compared to the $20 billion Verizon is spending to build-out fiber all the way to the home. This hybrid fiber/copper approach gives AT&T a 20Mbps+ link to customers, enough to offer high-speed Internet, VoIP, and the company's IPTV service.

Legal vs. Illegal Downloads: What's the Difference?

February 13, 2007

Apparently not much -- counter to the claims of the recording industry.

Check out this report entitled "The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis," about a recent study that noted that illegal music downloads (you know who are are!) have less than a 1% affect on the sale of CDs.

In fact, there was a relationship between high downloads and high CD sales -- of course, depending on the artist.

All this goes to show that we still want our music -- whatever it may be -- and are willing to pay -- or not pay -- for it.

Do We Need an HP Smart Phone?

February 13, 2007

Yahoo! Integrates Messenger with Mail

February 12, 2007

Digium picks new PR firm

February 12, 2007

With the new funding coming into Digium, Digium had been advised to put up their public relations firm for review. Their current PR firm, MRB Public Relations will be replaced with Schwartz Communications as of March 1st. I spoke with Janine Savarese, Vice President of MRB Public Relations and she told me that Schwartz Communications has done work with Digium's VC firm (Matrix Partners) as well as JBoss, that like Asterisk, is also a Linux-based open-source solution. Schwartz Communication is also a very large global PR firm where as MRB PR is a smaller firm.

Nothing But Net -- As in Net Neutrality Goes Mobile; Works For Me!

February 12, 2007

New VoIP Call Recording Software for Mac OS X

February 12, 2007

Tomorrow, Arcosoft will release VONaLink SoloRecord, a new VoIP call recording software program for Mac OS X. VONaLink SoloRecord for Mac OS X works with any VoIP phone system utilizing the SIP standard to record calls and to provide screen pops. SIP-based IP-PBXs, such as Cisco Call Manager, or pbxnSIP or even home broadband VoIP services such as Vonage or Packet8 that utilize the SIP standard will work with this call recording software.

Also available is a separate ScreenPop product, if recording is not required. SoloRecord and ScreenPop were previously available only for Windows. The call is recorded as a stereo WAV or MP3.

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC card

February 12, 2007

SanDisk today introduced a 4 gigabyte (GB) microSD High Capacity (SDHC) card, which is now was the largest capacity of the world's smallest removable flash memory card format. A 4GB microSDHC card can store more than 1,000 digital songs or more than 2,000 high-resolution pictures or up to 8 hours of MPEG 4 video. Can't wait to review one of these - I be in need of some serious storage. SanDisk made the announcement at 3GSM World Congress 2007, where it is demonstrating it's latest products.

D-Link DI-102 Broadband Internet VoIP Accelerator

February 12, 2007

Long-time fans of the VoIP & Gadgets blog, may recalled my 2005 post titled, Mysterious QoS Device, where I discovered with some help from a tipster that Linksys and D-Link were using Ubicom's StreamEngine Net Accelerator to perform Qos techniques such as automatic traffic classification, rate matching, priority queueing (with 255 priority levels), dynamic fragmentation of packets to reduce delay for high-priority traffic and adaptive fragmentation where fragmentation is determined by the uplink speed. The StreamEngine helps to ensure excellent voice quality, lag-free online gaming, and jitter-free videoconferencing.

One of the biggest problems with home broadband VoIP (Vonage, Packet8, SunRocket, etc.) is that the upstream bandwidth is limited - often 256Kbps or less. At Vonage's highest-quality codec setting, you use about 90Kbps. Now if you start FTPing or downloading a large file, or worse - use P2P software such as Bittorrent or eMule, and you can easily chew up your available upstream bandwidth. This results in "choppy" voice quality.

In fact, when I used to have Vonage, my fiancee (future wife) would be on the phone and just as I started using a P2P client to download some "legal" files, the voice quality would degrade and she would yell downstairs, "Are you downloading something on the Internet?".

Make It a Gadget for Valentine's Day

February 12, 2007

Forget the flowers, forget the chocolates (well, maybe not), but why not give your special someone a gadget for Valentine's Day?

I know it may be a thought that's considered "outside the box" -- now I'm thinking of those chocolates again ...

Indestructible USB Flash Memory Drive

February 12, 2007

Most USB flash drives are highly unreliable and can break down easily due to inferior plastic. It is unfortunate that most of us have our precious digital photos and other important files on USB Flash drives, but we don't consider the reliability or durability of our USB flash devices. Many USB Flash devices are suspended from our keychains and therefore are often tossed onto the coffee table with our keys, dropped, or used as a rattle toy for your 10 month old daughter. Ok, at least my 10 month old daughter.

Vonage-gram for Valentine's Day

February 8, 2007

This Valentine's Day, Vonage is enabling their customers the ability to surprise their loved ones with a poem and personalized “Vonage-gram” message. Vonage-grams give customers the ability to send a special recorded message (powered by as a memorable and fun way to say “I love you” on Valentine's Day.

You simply dial 1-700-Valentine, Vonage customers will be prompted to choose from a variety of love poems along with the option to add their own 30 second personalized message, which will then be sent on February 14. Vonage customers can send this voicemail greeting to any phone number in the US or Canada or have it emailed to their own account, where they can save it, download it or forward it to a loved one.

This Vonage-gram service launches on February 10 for US and Canadian customers.

Gee, this great enhanced (Voice 2.0?) feature is almost enough to make me want to un-cancel my Vonage service. Nah...

Jajah Mobile Web and Jajah Dynamic Buttons Beta

February 7, 2007

This morning Jajah launched an all new Jajah Mobile Web ( - it is one-click access to their free or low-cost global calling service, directly from the browser on your smartphone (no application download). 

Here are some of features/benefits:
* One-Click Free (or low cost) Global Calling - Jajah Mobile Web provides one-click instant access to the contacts in your Jajah address book. Just click a name or number to make the call.
* Bookmark Names and Numbers - Save your most called numbers as bookmarks.

Jobs, DRM and the Record Labels: It's a Finger-Pointing Festival!

February 7, 2007

Of course we're excited about Steve Jobs saying that he'd love to offer all of us free music on iTunes, but the record labels have his hands tied with their DRM schemes.

(All kinds of reports on that here and here.)

(Thanks for the image

Easy to say you'd do it when you know you can't and you set up iTunes not to do it from the get-go.

An iPod Ban: You've Got To Be Kidding!!!

February 7, 2007

Now I think I've heard everything!

Can you believe this report about a move to ban iPod use when crossing the street in crosswalks in "big cities" only across New York State?

The penalty: A $100 fine, if you please.

Worldwide weather forecasts on Asterisk-based trixbox

February 7, 2007

Nerd Vittles is not only an Asterisk junkie, he's a weather junkie too. Nerd Vittles is at it again with a tutorial on how to receive worldwide weather forecasts on the Asterisk-based trixbox IP-PBX software platform. It retrieves the weather info from a website and then allows you to dial into the trixbox server to retrieve weather information using text-to-speech.

Apparently, it is one of the most requested features that Nerd Vittles receives. Personally, I just head over to via any browser.

Fonality gets financial boost from Intel

February 6, 2007

Fonality, makers of Asterisk-based PBXtra and the free trixbox Asterisk-based distribution, has secured
$7 million in a Series C round led by Intel Capital with participation from existing investor, Azure Capital Partners. It's a little known fact, but Intel Capital is the largest VC funding company in the world and of course if owned by well-known Intel, Inc.

I spoke with Chris Lyman, CEO of Fonality, on Monday discuss this news. Chris said, "Fonality didn't need another round of capital, but we were intested in a strategic round if we felt that it was a business that could take us to the next level - given that we are already profitable and we still have money in the bank from the last round. It has to be very interesting to get us to move and Intel is for a lot of reasons a very interesting company." Chris also mentioned that when approached with the opportunity to leverage Intel's worldwide distribution channel as part of the funding deal, it was something Fonality couldn't pass up.

In fact, Chris stated, "What most people don't realize is that Intel is 150,000 resellers.

A New Choice in (Photo) Printers: Kodak

February 6, 2007

Why shouldn't the company that started the photo business a century ago enter the printer business, particularly with an eye on getting more of us to print our digital photos?

Kodak got rocked rocked rocked when it misjudged the size and urgency of the tidal wave known as digital photography and has been looking for a solid place on which to build its business since then.

So why not printers? Plenty of margin (aka profits) in ink, but Kodak is going to upset the apple cart there by givng us more ink in each cartridge while selling them to us at cheaper prices.

Wal-Mart Does the iTunes Shuffle

February 6, 2007

Not too surprised, but happy to hear about the big boy of retailing, Wal-Mart, extend its reach into our homes by now offering video downloads of movies and TV shows through a partnership with all six of the major Hollywood studios (20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Sony and Universal) to sell digital movies and television shows on its Web site.

Here's the link to the site:

(For more on the announcement, click here and for more on "first to offer from all six studios" go here.)

Now I won't say that this has other similar sites, such as iTunes, quaking in their boots, but the Big W does sell a lot of videos in their stores so why wouldn't they assume that the Wal-Mart buyinig public -- once they have their broadbands in place -- won't get into streaming video like they get into streaming into the big box retailer for all of those low, low prices?

Apple vs. Apple: All You Need Is Love

February 5, 2007

'Grand Theft Auto' Does the Super Bowl

February 5, 2007

HD VoIP, Bah-Humbug!

February 5, 2007

A couple of days ago, a fellow TMCnet reporter wrote about Iristel, a Canadian company claiming to launch the "first High Definition (HD) VoIP telephone service to provide the finest voice communication services. HD VoIP is said to deliver better voice quality and thus “replicates the clarity and efficiency of face-to-face meetings.” TheVoIPGirl explains how usually HD audio in the VoIP world usually means wide-band codecs, such as those used by the Skype client.

Bah! Is this the best we can do in a Voice 2.0 world is rehash the old voice quality argument? Do people really give a crap if VoIP sounds better than the PSTN due to a higher sampling frequency? SIP Phone for Phone Sex over IP?

February 2, 2007

I recently discovered, a website that is offering a new SIP VoIP Softphone, Megapin Inc. has developed a few SIP and Jabber products that they offer to service providers and wholesalers to OEM, with full "skinning" capabilties. One of their prodis M2-UA, a SIP softphone application and the other is M2-IM, which has both SIP and Jabber IM/presence support. The M2-IM product will support Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM, ICQ, and Google Talk. Their softphone products feature standard voice codecs including G.711, GSM, and Speex.

I was actually checking out the website last week, but now their homepage shows a 55 day countdown till the product launches.

Gates on Gates (I Mean Vista)

February 2, 2007

TV on the Go Go

February 2, 2007

Is That 6 Gigs in Your Pocket ...

February 2, 2007

I'm big on storage -- never can have too much, you know!

Having battled the too-much-data-on-too-small-capacity-media syndrome for what seems like centuries (20th and 21st), I think I've finally found just what I'm looking for in a storage device -- small size, big capacity (and how about a great form factor and compact size!).

Seagate's USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive safely stores all of my large files, MP3s, photos, videos and games — in a palm-sized drive that can fit inside my pocket. The Seagate 6GB Pocket Drive is available on Amazon for less than $49 and the Seagate 8GB Pocket Drive is available for less than $139.

Conan's Apple iPhone Commercial

February 2, 2007

Do We Really Need a Zune Phone?

February 1, 2007

First we waited in great anticipation for Apple's iPhone -- and are still intrigued by it (even with the Cisco heat), but then we never really got too revved up about the idea of the Zune phone ... (get the scoop here. Here's what Microsoft's home town paper had to say).

In fact, wonder if anyone did even think of the idea -- and then no less get excited about it -- a Zune phone? 

Why Can't Vista See Clearly Now?

February 1, 2007

All that software development time! yet we have problems already springing up in Microsoft's new Windows Vista!

Today's dilemma is all about speech recognition (more here from the BBC) -- truly a technology that would seem to be embraced by everyone, but still a technology that has not really crossed the chasm into mass market acceptance.

(Thanks to Kurzweil for the image -- it's been some trip from their music synthesizer to what they are doing now!)

PhoneGnome wonders - Where's the Voice 2.0 developers?

February 1, 2007

David Beckemeyer, CEO and Founder of TelEvolution has an excellent rant wondering where the Voice 2.0 developeres are. David's company productes a very cool ATA-type device called the PhoneGnome that he has allowed developers to write apps for.

David rants, "PhoneGnome has offered a free API for almost a year now. But where are the innovators?" He does mention that Iotum, one of the leading Voice 2.0 companies, has developed for the PhoneGnome, but opines "where are the rest?".

While David obviously has a vested/conflict interest in sparking some controversy about why developers haven't been breaking down his door to develop for the PhoneGnome product, he has a valid point. Where are the Voice 2.0 developers?

Well, if I may suggest David (with a vested/conflict of interest of my own), TMC's 4th Annual Communications Developer Conference (formerly VoIP Developer Conference) is just a few months away. 

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