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3Com VoIP News

I've blogged in the recent past that 3Com has been a little quiet with regards to any VoIP announcements. Well, looks like they've woken up a bit.

They've had at least two recent news, including an interesting one with Siemens, which in fact competes with 3Com in the SMB/SME market with both companies offering IP-PBX solutions. 3Com announced a strategic partnership with Siemens Business Services to provide service and support to 3Com enterprise customers. According to a Cnet article, 3Com said the partnership with Siemens, will help increase the breadth and depth of 3Com services to enterprise customers. 3Com currently provides professional services to its small and midsize business customers, but it has lacked a comparable program for its large customers.

The 2nd announcement involves 3Com and SIPquest, a SIP-based IP telephony solution provider, which I'll paste here:

3Com and SIPquest to deliver SIP-based IP Telephony Multimedia Communications Solutions

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., USA, and OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada, October 5, 2004.
3Com Corporation (Nasdaq: COMS) and SIPquest, a global leader of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony software components and applications for equipment vendors, today announced an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement that will see 3Com incorporate SIPquest technology to further their development and deployment of SIP-based communications services for enterprises using IP networks.

"3Com is committed to delivering the most advanced IP communication solutions to our enterprise customers. By working with SIPquest, 3Com will be able to deliver SIP-based IP communications products faster," said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, 3Com vice president of product line management. "We are impressed with SIPquest's expertise in developing SIP-based communications applications and look forward to the fruits of our joint development program."

SIPquest has strong technology leadership in the areas of SIP-based server and client applications and modules that spans voice, video and WiFi capabilities. SIPquest allows its partners - the telecom, datacom and wireless equipment vendors - to embed the SIPquest technology into their products to quickly deliver valued multimedia collaboration capabilities to their enterprise customers. SIPquest's existing products provide its partners with a full range of modular SIP-based functionality including: audio conferencing, video conferencing, data conferencing, instant messaging, rich presence, voicemail and auto attendant, a SIP to H.323 signaling converter and an extensible SIP server. It is also expanding desktop communications by delivering a range of WiFi capabilities including a client-only fast handoff solution and mobile collaboration agent.

"This is a part of the on-going validation that SIPquest has the right technology to meet the needs of enterprise equipment vendors seeking to deliver IP Telephony capabilities to their customers," said Alain Mouttham, president & CEO, SIPquest. "SIPquest is pushing the technology boundaries to provide our partners with functionality their market is demanding. SIP-based IP Telephony enterprise communications is being realized and implemented today. Our relationship with 3Com will deliver even more advanced and cost effective IP Telephony services to this market."

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