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About Randy

Consumer electronics "Gadgets" blogger Randy Savicky has written about consumer electronics for nearly three decades from both sides of the editor’s desk – first as a journalist with some of the top consumer and trade publications and most recently as a public relations executive at some of the world’s largest public relations agencies. His writing, for example, spans the history of personal portable audio products – from Sony’s Walkman to Apple’s iPod – and such technology trends as the “classic” format war – Betamax vs. VHS -- to Zigbee and home automation standards.

In his “day job” as President and CEO of Strategy + Communications Worldwide, Inc. (http://www.strategypluscommunications.com), he helps companies communicate better to their key audiences to achieve their business goals faster and more easily. In that role, his advice and counsel on helping consumer and technology companies improve their communications has been called upon by some of the world’s largest corporations and best-known brands, including Apple, Fujifilm, IBM, Motorola and Sony, and he has always worked with many start-up, early stage and pre-IPO companies.

He can be reached at (203) 226-6156.

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