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Cupertino and Redmond from Allsop

It's about time someone decided to come out with computer desk and media accessories that have some uniformed style and grace.

And that's just what the Cupertino and Redmond collections of computer and media accessories from Allsop offer.

Finding inspiration in the iPod (why not?) and other popular high-tech items, the collections are designed to complement the best of the consumer electronics market in both style and function.

The collections feature clean lines and a colors (Apple white in the Cupertino collection -- pictured at left) and more basic black in the Redmond collection).

The Cupertino and Redmond Monitor Stand both feature rounded edges and a glossy outer shelf accented with a silver metallic base. This sturdy stand creates a more ergonomic work environment and frees up extra desktop space by lifting a monitor, laptop or printer off of the desk. MSRP: $29.99

CDs and DVDs are organized and accessible in the Cupertino and Redmond CD Album 32. Designed for compact storage for up to 32 discs, the album brings a sleek, futuristic look to this functional accessory. The album holds discs securely in flexible pages, protecting them from scratches and keeping them all in one place for easy organization. A window in the cover showcases the first CD inside. MSRP: $14.99

For a larger media storage option, the Cupertino and Redmond DVD Album 40 each holds 40 CDs or DVDs. Designed to store movie covers along with DVDs, the album is also perfect for keeping discs close at hand when working on the computer or for storing digital photos or music CDs. MSRP: $24.99

The oversized Cupertino and Redmond Mouse Pad each provides more room for extra control. The specially designed surface is textured for better traction when using a roller-ball mouse and fine tracking points for an optical laser mouse. The sturdy plastic frame provides a secure mousing surface and the rigid silver surface makes a fashion statement on the desktop or wherever you are working. MSRP: $14.99

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