Is That a (High-Tech) Wallet in Your Pocket ...

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Is That a (High-Tech) Wallet in Your Pocket ...

... with apologies to W.C. Fields.

(Do I need to tell you the rest of that famous funny line?)

Anyway, I digress.

With new wireless credit cards gaining momentum (SpeedPass anyone?), security has once again become a major issue (as in taking and using someone else's credit card information without them knowing it). 

This is now an even greater issue with these new cards being waved in front of the reader with data sent wirelessly from card to pay terminal, rather than the "swipe" that we've all know (and love?).

Well,a California-based company, Kena Kai, has come up with a solution -- a stylish new line of DataSafe Wallets for men and women, specifically designed to protect these new smart card credit cards from wireless identity theft.

The DataSafe wallets incorporate radio-frequency (RF) shielding material to protect the data on the growing number of credit cards that feature the new "Contactless Smart Card Technology." The wallets are designed to complement the inherent security and encryption of the newer generation of these cards.

By incorporating shielding material into the wallet, Kena Kai provides a high-tech solution in a form factor that people understand. The wallet design is based off the Faraday Cage principle which is designed to stop the entry or escape of an electromagnetic (EM) field.

The new DataSafe Wallet line will include bi-folds, tri-folds, credit card wallets, women’s wallets and passport holders in full-grain Italian leather. Nice ...

MSRP: $40-$120

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