Sony's Bluetooth Watch: Calling Dick Tracy!

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Sony's Bluetooth Watch: Calling Dick Tracy!

Sony Bluetooth Watch MBW_TN_70x70.jpgCan't get to the ringing cell phone fast enough ladies because it's hidden inside your briefcase, purse, bag or pocket?

Well, does Sony have a product for you!

The new Bluetooth MBW-200 range of Bluetooth watches is an expansion of the highly successful Bluetooth MBW-150 range, which enables you to control your phone with your watch.

Missed an important call or SMS because you couldn't hear or find your phone at the bottom of your handbag? With the MBW-200 this is now a thing of the past. Using innovative Bluetooth technology, the watch displays the caller ID and vibrates as your phone is ringing or when you receive an SMS.

Reject or mute the call with a button on the watch or use the Bluetooth headset or mobile phone to answer the call and start chatting.

Designed in partnership with watch industry leader Fossil and the knowhow of Sony Ericsson, the MBW-200 series comes in three distinct designs; Sparkling Allure, Contemporary Elegance and Evening Classic.

The collection features scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass with an anti-glare coating for optimum readability and glow. The discreet, yet stylish and clear monochrome OLED display is invisible when not in use and clearly visible on a bright day so that you can easily see who is calling or which track is playing.

Features include:
  • Reject or mute call through the watch
  • Vibrates on new SMS/MMS -- and an out of range warning -- when 30 feet away from your phone
  • Discreet yet clear caller ID -- OLED display
  • Play, pause, stop or skip a track on your phone's music player
  • Quartz movements for exact time keeping -- both digital and analog
  • Auto pairing -- easier to connect the watch to your phone
  • Water resistant up to 3 ATM
  • Allergy safe stainless steel
  • Mineral crystal scratch resistant face with antiglare coating 
Availability in early Q4 2008. 

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