Want To Know What the iPhone 3G Really Cost?

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Want To Know What the iPhone 3G Really Cost?

How about $174.33 ...

moneyimages.jpegAnd while the bill of materials doesn't include the price of shipping the phone, selling it or creating the software that runs it, the inexpensive design is said to be a deliberate move by Apple to fulfill its short-term goal of establishing as much marketshare as possible in the iPhone's history.

In addition to keeping many of the same parts, including the Samsung processor, Apple saves money by redesigning the internal layout.

Rather than two tightly connected circuit boards, for example, the iPhone 3G uses a single but more durable board. The battery is also no longer soldered to the device, making it easier for technicians to replace the battery. 

(Or for those in the know ...)

Read more about how Apple makes this all possible by visiting AppleInsider.

(Thanks to Macworld for the money shot.)

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