Very Handy iPhone & iPod Emergency Charger

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Very Handy iPhone & iPod Emergency Charger

Now you no longer have to worry about the tragic and unthinkable happening -- losing power to your iPhone or iPod!

Brando's iPhone/iPod Emergency Charger puts the emphasis on simplicity, portability and usefulness. (Emergency-Charger01_640x.jpgSo nice!)

This compact, lightweight Emergency Charger with retractable cable can use "AA" batteries to power the Apple iPhone and iPod anytime, anywhere and at the time that you need it most. 

It features anytime, anywhere instant charging, and it's retractable cable makes it very easy to carry.

But remember, this is just for emergency use only and doesn't replace your A/C power charger to make your iPhone or iPod 100% charged.

Cost: $10.00

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