Skype on iPhone works over 3G

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Skype on iPhone works over 3G

skype-iphone-2.jpg The Skype on iPhone application is working over the 3G data connection if you are running the beta 3.0 firmware. VoIP over the 3G cellular is clearly forbidden in the SDK rules, so it's obviously a bug on 3.0 that it works. How long before Apple closes the hole? It is surprising that Apple "approved" and certified the Skype app for their App Store without first "testing" if Skype would work on the 3G connection.

Perhaps that was Apple's evil plan all along? Let a few iPhone users "taste" how gloriously delicious VoIP over 3G would be, before they have to disable the functionality at AT&T's request, leading to a firestorm of iPhone user protests, AT&T finally relenting and then VoIP freedom finally reigns on the iPhone. Oh you sneaky Apple you!

Update: See my tutorial on how to enable Skype on iPhone over 3G

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