Rev B of Astfin's BRI (ISDN) Asterisk Appliance Arrives

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Rev B of Astfin's BRI (ISDN) Asterisk Appliance Arrives

Asterisk PR1 Appliance
Rev B  of Astfin's BRI (ISDN) Appliance has just arrived. The BR4 appliance (or BRI Appliance) is an open hardware BRI Asterisk Appliance running Astfin. I've written about this Asterisk-based appliance before. The blog author writes how he used the popular USB jtag (ICEbear) to connect to the new BRI Appliance rev B board. He then gives the blow-by-blow account of his experience, including running dumpreg & flashload. If you love to flash (memory that is - get your head out of the gutter) or if you're an Asterisk techie, it's a worthwhile read.

Some background - uCasterisk (you-see-Asterisk), which is a set of scripts, makefiles and patches to build Asterisk for uClinux and targeting Blackfin hardware. Asterisk Appliance AADKI should mention Digium's Asterisk Appliance is also based on Blackfin hardware. Also, uCasterisk was deprecated in favor of Astfin. The BRI Appliance certainly is more of an Asterisk fan's hobby rather than a direct competitor to Digium's Asterisk Appliance, which obviously is backed by Digium's technical support, customer service, warranty policy, etc.

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