10th Annual AstriCon Kicks Off!

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10th Annual AstriCon Kicks Off!

astricon-2013-logo.PNGI’m excited to be attending the 10th annual AstriCon, which also happens to nearly coincide with my 10 year wedding anniversary back in August of this year.  AstriCon has changed over the years, new people, new exhibitors, but a lot has also stayed the same. Asterisk legends like Mark Spencer and Joshua Colp are speaking at AstriCon. FreePBX project leader Philippe Lindheimer is here and keynoting this week, as is WebRTC evangelist Phil Edholm, and Edvina’s Olle E. Johansson.

Today is the pre-conference, so the exhibits open tomorrow. Companies that utilize Asterisk and are participating including Elastix, Xorcom, YeaLink, snom, Grandstream, Schmooze / FreePBX,  Sangoma, Algo, PBX in a Flash, and more. The session description show at least 4 speakers talking about WebRTC, so that is definitely a hot topic. Should be a great show. If any companies have any interesting news being announced at AstriCon that you want me to cover, be sure to stop me, say hello, and tell me the news. Till then, I'm off to check out some of the conference. smiley-laughing

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