Asterikast video podcasts to teach you Asterisk

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Asterikast video podcasts to teach you Asterisk

Asterikast is a podcast that teaches and explains about the VoIP-capable Asterisk PBX by Digium. According to Asterikast, "We also plan on having videos that can help step you through the process of setting up your very own Asterisk PBX."

They already have two episodes available for download. Episode I, "the very first episode of Asterikast" they cover how to compile Asterisk and setup one SIP phone. Episode II has much higher quality video, audio and on-screen footage. They cover voicemail, conference bridges, macros in Asterisk and TDM/TDM cards. Looks like they're also offering a computer pre-installed and pre-configured with Slackware and Asterisk for $800.00 if your a bit intimidated to install Linux + Asterisk. Both are actually pretty easy to install, and in fact it's worth checking out the videos just to see how easy it truly is.

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